• Youths Can Enter For Guided Deer Hunt On Oregon Ranch
    Youth hunters can enter a drawing for a one-day guided hunt on the C2 Ranch, a 10,000-acre property near Eagle Point. Five lucky applicants will have an opportunity to harvest a southwest Oregon blacktail deer. 
  • End Of Washington Spring Black Bear Hunt Called For
    The future of Washington’s permit-only spring black bear hunt took a beating during a public hearing before the Fish and Wildlife Commission this afternoon, with the overwhelming majority of 53 callers saying it should end or asking that the vote on 2022’s season be delayed.
  • ‘Alarming Mortality’ – Blue Mtns. Elk Calf Study
    Over 80 percent of Blue Mountains elk calves collared by WDFW for a study launched this spring have died, an “alarming mortality rate.”
  • Murray, Inslee: ‘All Options’ On Table For Lower Snak …
    Today U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Washington state Governor Jay Inslee issued the following joint statement on next steps for a joint federal-state process on salmon recovery in the Columbia River Basin and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Columbia-Snake Suit On Pause For ‘Long-term Solution’ …
    The National Wildlife Federation and a coalition of fishing and conservation groups jointly requested, with the Biden Administration, Oregon, and the Nez Perce Tribe, a pause until next summer in litigation challenging the latest federal plan for hydropower operations on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.
  • WDFW Spring Bear Hunt Proposal Heads To Commission, Comment
    WDFW’s carnivore section manager has rolled out a bevy of information on spring black bear permit hunting ahead of Friday’s Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission discussion of the 2022 season proposal.
  • Down Year, But Pikeminnow Sport-reward Fishery Meets Goal Again
    The annual pikeminnow fishery on the Columbia and Snake wrapped up this past Sunday and managers are reporting a down year for the program that pays anglers to catch and remove the salmonid smolt eaters, though there are silver linings.
  • Comment On Ecology’s Water Quality Revisions For Fish Redds
    Salmon need cool, clean water to survive. That includes enough oxygen and healthy habitat. To address these two needs, and support salmon recovery in the state, the Department of Ecology is proposing to revise state water quality standards.
  • WDFW Reports 38 Separations As Vaccine Mandate Deadline Arrives
    WDFW reports separating from more than three dozen staffers as the deadline for state employees to show proof of full Covid vaccination or receive exemptions came Monday.
  • 2022 Spring Bear, Nonnative Game Fish Policy On WA FWC Agenda
    The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is expected to make decisions on land acquisitions and hunting rules regarding importation of dead wildlife and firearm restriction areas during its Oct. 21-22 virtual meeting. In addition, the Commission will discuss the 2022 spring bear special hunting permits, non-native game fish policy development, and other topics.
  • SW WA, Lower Columbia, Hanford Reach Fishing Reports (10-18-21)
    Sec 1 (Bonneville) – 75 bank anglers kept eight Chinook, three Chinook jacks, 22 coho, two coho jacks  and released one Chinook and three coho. 6 boats/16 rods kept five Chinook, one Chinook jack and six  coho. 
  • Oregon Hunters Angry About Recent Buck, Bull Poaching
    Poachers shot a white-tailed buck deer in NE Oregon and a bull elk in SW Oregon in a one-week timespan. Rewards stand at $500 (or four hunter preference points) in each instance for a call to the Turn in Poachers (TIP) Line that leads to a citation or arrest.
  • Doers V. Suers: Battle Between True Conservation, Litigation
    A Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation article outlines what the pro-hunting, -wildlife and -habitat organization believes is misuse of the Equal Access to Justice Act by highly litigious environmental groups.
  • Next Round Of Washington Coast Razor Clam Digs Kick Off Oct. 19
    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) shellfish managers have approved the next round of razor clam digs, kicking off Tuesday, Oct. 19 on coastal beaches.
  • WDFW Fishing Guide Advisory Group Applicants Sought
    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is looking for applicants to serve on a fishing guide advisory committee to provide input on broad fisheries and conservation issues as well as specific projects like guide logbook reporting. 
  • Update On Fish Northwest’s Second Federal Lawsuit
    A federal judge has dismissed portions of a lawsuit filed by a North Sound fishing organization over Washington salmon seasons the past two years and how they’re set, but will entertain further arguments on some elements of it.
  • WDFW Seeks Puget Sound Fishing Advisory Group Nominations
    The Department will select up to 20 qualified individuals to serve two-year terms on the advisory group, which provides guidance to WDFW on topics affecting recreational fisheries for salmon, rockfish and other marine fish species in Puget Sound.
  • Increased SRKW Hatchery Chinook Production Targeted
    A new lawsuit aims to halt a Washington initiative that’s increasing hatchery Chinook production so that more are available for starving southern resident killer whales, with shirttail benefits for fishermen.
  • SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (10-12-21)
    Drano Lake – 14 bank rods had no catch. 27 boats/100 rods kept 37 Chinook, five Chinook jacks, 10  coho and released 26 Chinook and one steelhead. 
  • Hanford Reach Fall Salmon Fishing Report (10-11-21)
    Fishing effort declined by 18% compared to the week prior but harvest increased by 7%.  Boats averaged 1.4 salmon per boat, 13 hours per salmon,. Bank anglers averaged 32 hours per salmon at the Ringold Springs access.
  • Everett Angler Wins Last Northwest Fishing Derby Series Boat
    Traice Lundberg was at home watching the Seahawks game when he received a series of phone calls that would change his life. It started with a call from a fishing friend, which was shortly cut off by a call from another fishing friend, many other missed calls, and then Karsten McIntosh of the Northwest Marine Trade Association and Northwest Fishing Derby Series.
  • Countdown To Washington Rifle Deer Opener
    Here’s a look at what the 2021 Washington rifle deer season may bring, disease and access issues to be aware of, and why WDFW is adding extra game check stations in Northeast Washington.
  • Pink Salmon Observed In Wenatchee River; Huge Coho Return To Uppe …
    Lower Granite Dam on Southeast Washington’s Snake River isn’t the only peculiar place pinks have popped up this fall. A handful of humpies have also been helped around a diversion dam on the lower Wenatchee River.
  • $3.3 Million Granted For Oregon Wildlife Habitat, Research, Hunti …
    “So much good will come from this funding across nearly 4,500 acres of elk habitat including noxious weed treatment, installing wildlife-friendly fencing and aspen, meadow, wetland and grassland restoration work,” said Blake Henning, RMEF chief conservation officer. “There are also three important research projects that will help shape the future of elk management as well as a number of projects that support and promote hunting.”
  • Coho Limits Boosted On More Southwest Washington Rivers
    Increasing the coho limits on this river will provide additional fishing opportunities while still meeting program goals.
  • Upper End Of Drano Lake Reopening For Fishing; Steelhead Still Cl …
    Returning Drano Lake to permanent rule will provide additional opportunity for anglers to harvest salmon, while managing steelhead impacts within allowable limits.
  • Washington Coast Winter Steelhead Meeting Set For October 26
    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife fishery managers are inviting the public to join them at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 26, for a virtual town hall to gather feedback ahead of the 2021-2022 coastal steelhead season. It marks the second meeting in a suite of public engagement opportunities this fall.
  • OSP Investigating Poaching, Wasting Of 5-point Bull Elk Near Cany …
    On October 5, 2021, OSP Fish and Wildlife Troopers out of the Roseburg Office were notified that a 5-point bull elk was left to waste on a BLM road between Turkey Creek and Upper Cow Creek Road in South Douglas County just east of Interstate-5 and Canyon Mountain. 
  • Tillamook Bay Anglers Asked To Watch Out For Commercial Clam Dive …
    Good fall Chinook and coho salmon fishing is occurring in Tillamook Bay alongside commercial clam divers targeting butter clams in the channels. Interactions between anglers and clam divers can create a safety concern for divers.
  • WDFW Looking For Comment On Proposed Fishing, Shellfish, Gear Rul …
  • SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (10-5-21)
    Sec 1 (Bonneville) – 26 bank anglers kept four Chinook and one Chinook jack. 8 boats/17 rods kept five Chinook and released one Chinook and one coho. 
  • Hanford Reach Fall Chinook, Coho Fishery Extended 2 Days
    Returns of Hanford Reach Upriver bright fall Chinook and upper Columbia River-bound coho salmon are sufficient to meet conservation objectives and to provide an additional weekend for sport angler harvest in the upper section of the Hanford Reach, which was originally scheduled to close at the end of the day Oct. 15. 
  • WDFW Touts Fish Habitat Work On Satsop, Skookumchuck, Wynoochee
    Construction work to restore habitat in the Satsop, Skookumchuck, and Wynoochee rivers has wrapped up for the year. This summer, crews worked to restore 12,700 feet of river shoreline and treat 288 acres for invasive plants to benefit salmon and other aquatic species in the Chehalis Basin.
  • Troopers Investigating Poached, Wasted Whitetail Between Wallowa, …
    On September 25, 2021, the Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Troopers were notified by a local citizen that a 3×3 whitetail buck deer was poached along School Flat Rd near the intersection with School Flat Ln within the Sled Springs Wildlife Management Unit sometime prior to 8:00 A.M.
  • Misery For 3 Missouri Men Who Pled Guilty To Idaho Wildlife Shoot …
    “It seems the three shot at anything that moved,” Clemenhagen said. “It was a shocking reminder of what some people are capable of.”
  • Hanford Reach Fishing Report (10-4-21)
    Fishing effort and harvest was similar to the week prior. From September 27 through October 3, WDFW staff interviewed anglers from 717 boats (1,883 anglers) and 109 bank anglers with a harvest of 669 adult chinook, 65 jacks, and 20 coho.
  • Hatchery Coho Again Extended On Snoho-Sky; Skagit, Cascade Silver …
    The coho return is sufficient to allow for the recreational salmon season to extend through …
  • Sockeye Bypass Lake Washington, Go Straight To Hatchery From Lock …
    “Lake Washington sockeye” and “good news” are two phrases that have appeared together extremely rarely over the last decade and a half, but there’s a glimmer of hope to report this fall.
  • Deadly Bighorn Sheep Disease Confirmed In Quilomene Herd Lamb
    Washington wildlife managers say they’ve confirmed a deadly bacteria in the last Southcentral Washington bighorn sheep herd that had been free of the sickness.
  • Oregon’s Grande Ronde To Again Open For Coho
    Starting Oct. 1, anglers will be able to harvest Coho salmon in the Grande Ronde River for the second consecutive year.