• SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (5-23-22)

    Mid-May 2022 spring Chinook, steelhead, sturgeon and shad catch stats for the Lower Columbia, Cowlitz, Kalama, Lewis, Wind, Drano and Klickitat

  • Washington Spring Chinook Openers, Closures Announced

    WDFW announces spring Chinook fisheries will soon open on portions of the North Fork Nooksack, upper Skagit and lower Cascade Rivers, but that this week will be the last for springers on the Lower Snake as quotas are reached.

  • More Details On Judge’s Order To Release N. Umpqua Smolts

    Court papers are revealing more details related to a judge’s order late last week granting a preliminary injunction for ODFW to release summer steelhead smolts from a hatchery on the North Umpqua.

  • North Umpqua Steelhead Smolts Released Today

    Hatchery summer steelhead smolts were released today from Rock Creek Hatchery into the North Umpqua River per a court order issued this week by the Marion County Circuit Court, ODFW reported.

  • Invasive Crab Found In Hood Canal, Furthest South Sound Discovery

    An invasive European green crab has been found in central Hood Canal, the first discovery in the fjord and the furthest south in Washington’s inland seas the species has been found so far.

  • WDFW Proposes Upping Lion Limit In Blues To Help At-risk Elk Herd

    WDFW is taking public comment over the next five weeks on a proposal to allow hunters to take a second mountain lion “in the areas where monitoring has shown a high level of cougar predation on elk calves in the Blue Mountain Elk herd.”

  • North Umpqua Summer Steelhead Smolts To Be Released

    ODFW is confirming that hatchery summer steelhead smolts will be released into the North Umpqua system after a judge yesterday granted a preliminary injunction to do so. It follows a Fish and Wildlife Commission decision last month to end the program that is also being challenged.

  • Developments In North Umpqua Hatchery Steelhead Issue

    There appear to be developments today on the North Umpqua hatchery steelhead program that the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted last month to terminate.

  • More Spring Chinook Fishing Days Added Below, Above Bonneville

    Spring Chinook anglers will be able to fish all but one day between now and the start of summer king season on the Lower Columbia, as well as two days in the gorge pools in late May, as state managers today again expanded opportunities thanks to a run that is continuing to exceed expectations.

  • Hunter Rep, Others Sought For WDFW Wolf Advisory Group

    WDFW is calling for nominations to fill four vacant positions on its Wolf Advisory Group and is specifically looking for stakeholders representing hunters, Northeast Washington ranchers, and “at large” interests.

  • Avian Flu Outbreak Confirmed In First Oregon Wild Birds

    ODFW reports several Canada goose goslings from a Eugene park are the first wild birds in the state to test positive for the new strain of avian flu, with other sick and dead waterfowl also reported there.

  • Hells Canyon Springers, Lake Roosevelt Sturgeon To Open

    Northwest fishery managers announce the opening of spring Chinook in Oregon’s Hells Canyon, where the catch is mostly expected to be jacks, and sturgeon retention in Lake Roosevelt for the sixth straight year thanks to successful hatchery programs.

  • SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (5-17-22)

    Mid-May 2022 catch stats for spring Chinook, steelhead and sturgeon on select Southwest Washington tributaries and the Lower Columbia.

  • Invasive Crayfish Found In Canal Near Ashland

    This discovery could be bad news for Oregon’s native signal crayfish – Northern crayfish are much more aggressive. And as omnivores, they can prey on signal crayfish, the eggs of salmon and steelhead, and consume native vegetation.

  • ODFW Commission To Meet Again On N Umpqua Steelhead

    Presented “additional information” from local tribes, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has voted to hold a special meeting regarding their late April decision to terminate a popular hatchery summer steelhead program on the North Umpqua.

  • WDFW Mandate, More On Commission Agenda At Retreat

    The mandate to conserve Washington’s fish and wildlife while maximizing angling and hunting opportunities is among the topics Fish and Wildlife Commission members will talk about at a get-together next week.

  • Spring Chinook Reopening May 12 On Lower Columbia

    Spring Chinook fishing will reopen on the Lower Columbia starting tomorrow, Thursday, May 12, and run through at least Sunday, May 22, as well as June 4-15, Washington and Oregon managers decided this morning.

  • Columbia Managers To Decide On 22-day Springer Reopener

    Columbia River managers will mull a recommendation from ODFW and WDFW staffers to reopen spring Chinook fishing on the Columbia below Bonneville for a total of 22 days and starting as early as Thursday, May 12.

  • Icicle Opening For Springers May 16

    With a large return of spring Chinook expected back to Icicle Creek, state fishery managers announce that salmon angling will open on the Leavenworth area stream May 16.

  • Family Fishing Event This Saturday At Sheridan Pond

    ODFW is hosting a family fishing event May 14 at Sheridan Pond, which will be stocked with rainbows and there will be rods, reels and bait to catch ’em with, or you can bring your own gear.

  • Columbia Spring Chinook Forecast Increased

    The good signs continue with this year’s upriver-bound spring Chinook run on the Columbia as the forecast was raised today by roughly a third and ODFW and WDFW will huddle on Wednesday to “consider the mainstem recreational salmonid fishery downstream of Bonneville Dam.”

  • Final Columbia 2022 Summer, Fall Salmon, Steelhead Season Details

    Oregon and Washington fishery managers recently finalized seasons and regulations for 2022 Columbia River summer and fall recreational salmon and steelhead fisheries.

  • SW WA Fishing Report (5-9-22)

    Early May 2022 spring Chinook and steelhead catch stats for select Southwest Washington tributaries.

  • 2 Wolves Traveling Together In Klickitat County

    WDFW is reporting that a pair of wolves are traveling together in Klickitat County, a first for the area and Washington wolf recovery region.

  • Drano Lake Hatchery Springer Limit Back Up To 2 As Of May 6

    With broodstock collection goals met, the Drano Lake hatchery spring Chinook limit is back up to two a day starting Friday, May 6, state fishery officials announce.

  • Hatchery Springers Opening On 2 Stretches Of The Yakima

    With enough hatchery spring Chinook returning to the Yakima to support sport fishing, state managers announced that sections of the river will open for angling starting as early as May 6 on the lower end and May 17 near Union Gap.

  • With Controlled Aps Due On A Sunday (5-15), Don’t Dally

    Don’t wait until the last minute to apply for a controlled or premium hunt as the May 15 deadline falls on a Sunday this year, ODFW is advising Oregon big game hunters.

  • WDFW Game Management Plan Subject Of Commission Meetings

    Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission to hold two special committee meetings this month on the state Game Management Plan, with WDFW staffers scheduled to provide “a current overview of issues to be addressed and outline strategies to shape” the next edition of the 6-year plan that guides “the scientific management of game populations, harvest management, and other significant factors affecting game populations.”

  • Mainstem Columbia (Bonneville-State Line) Closing For Springers

    Good catches the past week as the spring Chinook runs surges through the Columbia Gorge is leading managers to close mainstem waters from Bonneville Dam to the WA-OR state line east of McNary Dam two days earlier than scheduled.

  • SW WA Fishing Report (5-3-22)

    Late April and early May 2022 spring Chinook and steelhead catch stats for select Southwest Washington tributaries.

  • Anglers Organize Meetings On Potential Wind Farms Off OR Coast

    An Oregon anglers organization will host a series of discussion meetings on potential wind farms in the ocean off Charleston, Winchester Bay, Gold Beach and Brookings starting this week.

  • WA Blue Mountains Elk Calf Numbers Lowest Since 2000

    Elk calf numbers in Washington’s Blue Mountains continue to be well below levels needed to stabilize let alone rebuild this hard-bitten herd, according to a report out this morning.

  • Elwha Fishing Moratorium Again Extended

    Elwha River fishery managers are extending the closure on this north Olympic Peninsula stream another year, through June 30, 2023.

  • Part Of Lower Skagit Opening For Springers

    WDFW announces that a portion of the lower Skagit River will again open for hatchery spring Chinook, with the fishery running May 1-31.

  • Feel Free To Not Target Shoot On Private Lands Open To Hunters

    WDFW is reporting “some issues” in far Eastern Washington where some folks apparently have been plinking at lands farmers and ranchers have generously opened to hunters, for hunting, putting the ground at risk of closure to the sporting public.

  • Oregon Appeals Court Overturns Huge State Forest Verdict

    A $1.1 billion verdict against Oregon over state forest management has been overturned by an appeals court, but timber counties are expected to ask the state Supreme Court to take up the case.