Troopers Investigating Wolf, Bighorn, Bear Cub Poachings In Baker Co.

Oregon wildlife troopers are highlighting three recent Baker County poaching cases, one involving a collared wolf, the second a bighorn ram that was shot and only its head was taken, and the third a pair of bear cubs unlawfully shot and left to waste.


All three incidents were investigated over the past week or so, and while it wasn’t clear if they were related, two occurred in the same general area on the south side of the Wallowa Mountains.

OSP’s Fish and Wildlife Division says they responded on November 27 to the wolf, which had been illegally shot near Sparta Road, near Richland and 25 miles east Baker City.

Separately, the US Fish and Wildlife Service reported the shooting death of a collared adult male wolf near Union Creek west of Crater Lake in Jackson County, in the southeast corner of Oregon, on November 5 and stated there is a $5,000 reward for info on the case.

There is no wolf season in Oregon.


Troopers also responded that same day after a hunter reported finding a bear cub off of USFS Road 77 about 3.5 miles northwest of the small town of Halfway. Troopers eventually located a second cub in the area. Both were unlawfully taken and wasted. In Oregon, it’s illegal to take cubs less than 12 months old, or sows with cubs less than a year old.

Three days later, troopers found themselves in the Lookout Mountain Wildlife Management Unit on BLM land near Hibbard Creek Road southeast of Baker City to investigate the ram carcass. Only the head and horns were taken, with all of the meat left to waste.

Hunters are required to take all edible portions of big game, and bighorn hunting is strictly controlled through a draw. No tags were available in the Lookout Mountain WMU this year.


Anyone with information on the wolf or bighorn case is asked to contact OSP Trooper Dakotah Keys via the Turn in Poachers, or TIP, hotline at 800-452-7888.

As for the bears, contact OSP Sergeant Isaac Cyr at 800-442-2068 or *OSP on your mobile phone and reference case number SP23377486. 

Tipsters can remain anonymous and stand to earn a cash reward or preference points.

In related news, WDFW put out a reminder yesterday about the illegal poisoning of six wolves in northern Stevens County in early 2022. The reward for information has now reached $52,400 after the Woodland Park Zoo today contributed $1,000 to the amount raised by eight other organizations. Informants should call 877-933-9847 or text 847411 with tips.