SW WA, Lower Columbia, Hanford Reach Fishing Reports (10-18-21)


Preliminary Washington Columbia River mainstem and tributary sport sampling summary October 11-17, 2021

Mainstem Columbia River 


Sec 1 (Bonneville) – 75 bank anglers kept eight Chinook, three Chinook jacks, 22 coho, two coho jacks  and released one Chinook and three coho. 6 boats/16 rods kept five Chinook, one Chinook jack and six  coho. 


Sec 2 (Camas/Washougal) – 29 boats/52 rods kept 10 Chinook, one Chinook jack, nine coho and  released one Chinook jack and one coho. 

Sec 3 (I-5 area) – No report.  

Sec 4 (Vancouver) – One bank angler had no catch. 4 boats/9 rods kept one Chinook, one Chinook jack and four coho. 

Sec 5 (Woodland) – Four bank anglers kept one coho. 7 boats/14 rods kept one Chinook, six coho, one  coho jack and released two coho.  

Sec 6 (Kalama) – 1 boat/3 rods kept two Chinook.

Sec 7 (Cowlitz) – 2 boats/3 rods kept two Chinook, two coho and released one coho.

Sec 8 (Longview) – No report. 

Sec 9 (Cathlamet) – No report.  

Sec 10 (Cathlamet) – No report. 

Columbia River Tributaries 


Cowlitz River I-5 Br downstream – No report.  

Cowlitz River Above the I-5 Br – No report.  

Kalama River – Nine bank rods kept two coho, one coho jack and released two coho jacks.  

Lewis River – 48 bank rods kept four Chinook, seven coho and one coho jack. 8 boats/13 rods kept  three Chinook jacks and two coho. 

Wind River – One bank rod released one coho. 8 boats/14 rods kept six coho and released two Chinook. 

Drano Lake – 11 bank rods kept three Chinook and released two Chinook. 10 boats/25 rods kept eight  Chinook and released 23 Chinook, three Chinook jacks, six coho and two steelhead. 

Klickitat River below Fisher Hill Bridge – 47 bank rods kept eight Chinook, one Chinook jack and three  coho. Klickitat River above #5 Fishway – Two bank rods had no catch.


Hanford Reach Fall Salmon Fishery Update (Oct 17)

From October 11 through October 17, WDFW staff interviewed anglers from 312 boats (745 anglers) and 78 bank anglers with a harvest of 421 adult chinook, 25 jacks, and 6 coho. Fishing effort has dropped off as we approach the final two weeks of the fall salmon season in the Hanford Reach.  Boats averaged 1.5 salmon per boat, 10 hours per salmon. Bank anglers averaged 24 hours per salmon at the Ringold Springs access.

Based on sampling, an estimated 1,279 adult chinook, 76 chinook jacks, and 23 coho were harvested during 2,388 angler trips this past week. For the season, 11,169 adult chinook, 929 chinook jacks, and 226 coho have been harvested during 32,191angler trips.

A run update was completed last week for the Hanford Reach fall chinook return on October 7. The wild return is currently estimated at 60,213 adult chinook, ~10% below the preseason forecast (67,293). The Hanford Reach upstream of the old Hanford townsite powerline crossing closed to fishing for salmon on October 17. The lower section, Hwy 395 to old Hanford townsite powerline crossing, will remain open through October 31 as listed in the Washington Sport Fishing Rules. WDFW is expecting good fishing through the remainder of the fishery but fish quality will decline rapidly as fish prepare to spawn in late October and early November.