Buoy 10 Reopening For 2 Days Of Chinook Retention

Columbia managers this afternoon decided to reopen Buoy 10 for two more days of Chinook retention this weekend, as well as bumped the limit to two hatchery coho a day afterwards.


Chinook will be fair game at the mouth of the big river this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 5-6, below the Tongue-Rocky Point line, where the limit will be two salmon a day, but only one adult Chinook and as ever hatchery coho.

Starting Labor Day, Sept. 7, anglers will be able to retain two hatchery coho a day, release Chinook.

All steelhead must be released during both periods.

The decision came more than three hours into an ODFW-WDFW teleconference as managers wrestled with complex signals from this fall’s salmon runs.

Watch for official word from the agencies this afternoon.


Buoy 10 salmon fishery update

Action: Opens Chinook retention for two days and increases coho limit.

Species affected: Chinook and coho.

Location: Columbia River, from the Buoy 10 line upstream to the Rock Point/Tongue Point Line.

Rules and effective dates:

  1. September 5-6, 2020: Daily limit two, up to one Chinook may be retained. Release steelhead and wild coho.
  2. September 7-22, 2020: Daily limit two, up to two hatchery coho may be retained. Release all other salmon and steelhead.
  3. September 23 through October 31, 2020: Daily limit two, no more than one may be a Chinook. Release all steelhead and wild coho.
  4. November 1 through December 31, 2020: Daily limit two, no more than one may be a Chinook or hatchery steelhead. Release all wild steelhead and wild coho.

Reason for action: This action is consistent with the decisions made by the states of Washington and Oregon during the September 3, 2020 Columbia River Compact. Additional upriver bright fall chinook and Lower River Hatchery tule fall chinook impacts remain to provide additional opportunity in the Buoy 10 fishery. This action is consistent with the pre-season fishing plan for pre-update fisheries.

Additional information: Retention of jack salmon is prohibited until October 1 and follows permanent regulations. Chum retention is prohibited.

Fishery managers will continue to monitor the returns to ensure that conservation goals are achieved.

Information contact: Region 5: (360) 696-6211.