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13th Annual South King County-PSA Derby Just Two Weeks Away

The largest Chinook derby in the Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia area is coming up in less than two weeks.

Over $25,000 in cash and merchandise are up for grabs at the 13th Annual South King County-Puget Sound Anglers Derby in south Puget Sound on Aug. 2.

The largest fish will take home at least $3,500; the second largest will win $1,500; and the third largest $1,000.


In addition to over $6,500 in cash, top quality tackle and merchandise will be won by anglers out to at least 50th place. Prizes include Scotty and Cannon electric downriggers, trolling motor, Rivers West kokanee jackets, smokers, guided fishing trips, lots of top-quality rods, reels and  tackle.

If you don’t catch a fish, you can still win.  Derby ticket holders stand a chance of drawing into great prizes at the awards ceremony.

You can purchase tickets online at

(Everyone purchasing a ticket will have their name included in the drawing for a free boat, motor and trailer too.)


Tickets are $35 and youths 14 and under may fish for free for kids prizes.

Weigh stations are at Point Defiance Boathouse, Narrows Marina and Des Moines Marina, with the awards ceremony at Point Defiance.

Green Mountain Pellet Grills, Because Food Tastes Better Cooked Over Wood


We discovered something we loved, REALLY loved. It was grilling with pellets…so much better than either charcoal or gas!

But the pellet grill we owned needed some improvements, so we decided to make our own! Then loved it so much we ended up starting our own company!


Green Mountain Pellet Grills is now the top-of-line … the best-of-the-best, but not the highest in price!


A motor turns an auger which feeds pellets into a firebox. There, a hot rod automatically ignites the pellets, and a combustion fan keeps them burning.

A fan inside the hopper maintains positive pressure which prevents burn-back in the auger tube. A sensor mounted inside the grill sends data to the on-board computer ten times every second, and the controller adjusts the air and pellet flow to maintain the temperature you set.



The reason that pellet grills win far more than their fair share of BBQ competitions is that the food simply tastes better when cooked over real wood.

Propane has absolutely no taste, and the process of making briquettes destroys the flavor molecules in the wood they are made from.

Our pellets are made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust, with the flavor molecules totally intact!

And what could be easier than pushing a button – set it and forget it!

Now you can “turn pro” in your own back yard.

For more on Green Mountain Grills, see our website,


CRKT’s Hi Jinx Wins 2014 Knife Of The Year Award


CRKT released the limited edition Ken Onion-designed Hi Jinx knife at the 2014 BLADE Show in Atlanta and won the 2014 Overall Knife of the Year Award. Like some of the finest art prints, only a few are available to the public with 525 being built.


A high-end everyday carry knife for the distinguished gentleman, Ken spared no expense handcrafting it with only the finest materials. A 6AL4V titanium handle looks good to the eye while a modified drop point style blade made with Böhler-Uddeholm Sleipner blade steel looks good in use. The knife also features an easy-opening IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system to make this one of the smoothest flippers on the market. Crafted in Italy, the new Hi Jinx™ isn’t just a blade. It’s a work of art.

The Hi Jinx knife manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $500.00.



SKU:     K280TXP

Blade:    Edge: Plain

Length: 3.320” (84.3 mm)

Steel: Böhler-Uddeholm Sleipner, 58-59 HRC

Thickness: 0.200” (5.0 mm)

Finish: Satin

Closed:  4.780” (121.4 mm)

Open:     8.000” (203.2 mm)

Weight:  6.4 oz. (181.0 g)

Handle:  6AL4V Titanium

Style:      Folding Knife w/Frame Lock

Founded in 1994, CRKT is the industry’s premier brand of knives, tools, and lifestyle accessories, with a reputation for innovative designs. For more information, call: (800) 891-3100, email:, on the web:

New Oven Powered By Tea Candles Revolutionizes Cooking

It’s being called one of the truly unique inventions of our time — an oven that uses no electricity or gas yet cooks anything you can cook in a regular oven.

Heated only by tea candles the HERC oven is the brain child of inventor Kris Johnson. One hundred percent environmentally friendly, HERC is the perfect solution for emergency preparedness and provident living.

004 (600x439)

The HERC oven is engineered to harness the thermal energy of tea light candles. The HERC oven uses two methods of thermal energy transfer. This ingenious device is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

The HERC is powered by 20 tea candles with a fuel cost of only 30 cents per cooking hour. The average burn time is 3.5 hours at 350 degrees. The HERC oven accommodates an 11×15 pan. It’s weather safe and easy to clean. Proudly, the HERC Ovens are 100 percent made in America.

The HERC oven is being hailed as the “ultimate survival luxury baking oven.” Reviewers are raving “When I saw his ovens, I just said, “wow.”

This truly remarkable environmentally sound invention is about to change the alternative cooking market forever.

For more, log onto–herc-xxl-ovens.html.


Dave’s Takes Lead, Tangles Out Of Fishing Weights

On a yearly basis new products arrive on the fishing scene. Rarely does one make a splash like Dave’s Tangle Free.

Lead has long been the standard for weight in terminal gear setups for Salmon & Steelhead. Drift fishermen, float fishermen, side-drifters, back-bouncers all utilize lead in their tackle boxes to accomplish one purpose – to get the bait/lure in front of the fishes face.

It’s really a simple concept – weight is used to target specific depths & water types.

So where does Dave’s Tangle Free fit in to this?


Dave’s Tangle Free is a brand new alternative to lead. It has burst on to the scene with a few claims to fame. Here are three benefits:

1    Lead-Free : This alone sets Dave’s Tangle Free apart as a forward thinking, innovative company. States that have outlawed lead as a fishing weight will need high-quality alternatives to lead. Dave’s Tangle Free fills that need.

2    Tangle-resistant : The swivel system in place on these weights allows for “wiggle-room” and movement when caught up. Also, the rubberized outer layer (the core is steel) does not “grab” rocks like lead would. These two factors make for a weight that pulls out of snags more often than lead. We at Fishing Addicts Northwest have seen the benefit of this. Many times when a weight seemed a lost cause snagged-up, they pulled out without breaking the line or losing the weight. This is ultimately a money saver in the end and a relief to the fisherman.

3    Easy-to-Use : Besides the obvious benefits of being tangle resistant, the weights themselves come attached with a top “swivel” piece that is easily attachable to a snap-swivel or tie-able to any line. These weights have totally replaced my previous bobber weights as I prefer a three-way swivel with attachable weight when fishing a sliding float. Also, for those that would attach a “slinky” to a snap swivel, the Dave’s Tangle Free weight works great in place of that.

The feel of these weights on the bottom is different than “slinky’s” or traditional lead. This may be slightly off-putting at first for drift-fishermen but they will find quickly that the weights are super effective as well as stealthy. Back-bouncers have found huge benefit in the “tangle-resistant” qualities of these weights. The method of back-bouncing is prone to placing lead in precarious positions. With the rubberized outer core and versatile swivel, it’s simple: you will lose less weights.

Does this mean you’ll never lose a Dave’s Tangle Free weight? No, logs & certain other obstacles can still claim a weight or two, but every single person that I’ve spoken with has retained more Dave’s Tangle Free weights than any other lead option hands down. They simply come back easier. I’ve even started making my lead-line heavier so that I can apply more pressure to it and many times the weights have pulled out of difficult positions.

With that in mind we have seen a move in recent years to eliminate lead in many states. Certainly this comes as no surprise due to the “state of California” perspective on it and the simple fact that we’re filling our river-bottoms with lead. This alone may be one of the largest reasons for why Dave’s Tangle Free is a great option for your tackle-box. The Smallmouth bass guys in the Columbia river are already picking up on them too, not to mention numerous other fishing applications in our area.

Dave’s Tangle Free brings a fresh perspective to the weight world. No doubt the benefits of these weights will continue to be seen & shared in years to come.


Ed Fast, a highly respected Portland-area Salmon & Steelhead guide had this to say about Dave’s weights:

“The slickest and trickiest weights you can buy! Dave gave me some back-bouncing weights to try and my clients and I loved them! I ordered a bunch more in all of the sizes I use and we only lost a few during my fall Chinook season. I also like them for my bobber rods.”

Ed mentioned to me how much lead he used to lose back-bouncing lead in upriver, bouldery situations, with the new lead he’s had considerably less lost weights and consequently; saved money on weight!

“When it’s available, I always try to use and promote local, quality, made in the U.S.A products. Dave’s weights meet all three of those criteria.

The fact that there is a functional, lead-free weight for some fishing situations is another thing I like about them.

And hey, they look really cool, too and let’s face it, that’s pretty important.”

For more, visit the website,

Not sure which weights to get? Check out the products page. The “Handi-Pack” retails at only $19.95 and features the perfect assortment of weights and sizes. We love these weights and we know you’ll find them to be an essential part of your tackle-box!


Bi-Mart is now stocking Dave’s Tangle Free! Keep an eye out in the Fishing Department.

You can follow them on Facebook –

Stay Addicted! -Lucas

Editor’s note: This product review first appeared on the Fishing Addicts Northwest website under the the title Introducing Daves Tangle Free! and is used with permission of the author, Lucas Holmgren

Hometown Heroes Days At Northwest Cabela’s – Discounts For Vets, First Responders

Hometown Heroes will be celebrated at Cabela’s today and through this weekend.

The Nebraska-based chain now with seven locations in the Northwest is honoring all veterans, active duty military and reserves, law enforcement, firefighters, search and rescue, EMS personnel — heck, even the Ski Patrol at their Springfield store! — with employee-discount pricing May 15-18.

Additionally, the Springfield Cabela’s will hold a benefit barbecue Saturday, May 17, from noon to 2 p.m. to help raise funds for the Vietnam Veterans of America-Chapter 595 Mid Valley and to help support their summer fishing outings for veterans.

There will also be family activities, including a BB gun range, yard games and more, and free family portraits for vets and their families

The region’s other Cabela’s are located in Tulalip, Lacey and Union Gap, Wash., Post Falls and Boise, Idaho, and Kalispell, Mont. Plans are in the works to open additional stores in Tualatin, Ore., Nanaimo, BC., and Missoula, Mont.

MarDon Resort Opening New ‘Big Rig RV’ Section, Blythe Bay, For Memorial Day


We are so excited to open up our new Big Rig RV Section at MarDon Resort called Blythe Bay!!

This area will be available starting Memorial Weekend 2014. If you are interested in getting out of town for Memorial Day Weekend we have 1 Large Park Cottage Open (sleeps up to 7) and 2 of our new Camper Cabins in the Blythe Bay Area (sleeps up to 4 people).

Click on this link to view the new MarDon Resort Map

Prices for Cottages/Rustic Motel/Rental Homes/Camper Cabins:

*Rustic Motel  Queen Bed/2 Twin Beds ( 1 or 2 people)            $68.00

*Rustic Motel 2 Room Cooking ( up to 4 people)                       $106.00

*Park Cottage ( Sleeps up to 7)                                             $263.00

*Park Cottage ( Sleeps up to 4)                                              $198.00

*Camper Cabins ( Sleeps up to 4) No Bathroom                       $85.00

Upcoming Events at MarDon Resort

May 17-18     MarDon Open Bass Tournamen (A CWFAC Event)

May 23-26     Memorial Day Weekend (1/2 Price Monday Night, 4th night only)

May 25     Kamp Karaoke behind the Beach House at MarDon

June 7-8     Washington Free Fishing Weekend

June 14-15     Limit Our Marine Big Bass Classic & Bow Fishing Competition

June 21     Sammie Bash Golf Tournament ( A CWFAC Event)

June 28     Kamp Karaoke

July 5     All Resorts Golf Cart Parade & Firework Show at Dusk

August 23     Lake Poker Run & Beach Party (A CWFAC Event)

Wallas XC Duo Diesel Stove/heater Now Available For RVs, Trailers


Twenty years ago, a small Finnish company set out to do what no one ever had before – build a diesel-fired marine stove that could be controlled and that could be converted into a cabin heater with one simple motion.

The next year, Wallas Oy of Kaarina, Finland, introduced the 95D/25, predecessor to the current Nordic Dt stove/heater. Clean, simple and using the safest and most power-dense of all available fuels – diesel No. 2, these products have revolutionized the business of providing clean, controllable cooking and heating in the limited confines of small boats.

XC Duo closed sm

Now for the first time, Wallas has turned their attention to the building of a product based on the same principles, but developed for on highway and off-road vehicles. The result? The XC Duo diesel stove/heater.

XC Duo open sm

Simple, quiet and safer than pressurized fuel devices, an XC Duo will assure your vehicle needs no pressure tanks or concern over regulations forcing it away from parking garages or tunnels during federal or local alerts.

XC Duo arrows sm

A Wallas XC Duo draws less than an amp of DC current for every hour it runs. It uses between 3 and 7 ounces of fuel per hour, depending on where the power is set. The XC Duo has a room temperature sensing feature that will allow it to hold temperature in the room accurately and steadily without user intervention, and it is capable of operation from below sea level to over 9,500 feet.

Able to reach surface temperatures over 1,100 degrees F, a Wallas XC Duo is a great cooking system, with an easy-to-clean Schott Ceran ceramic cooking surface. It is truly an efficient and elegant solution to the needs of a serious camper and anyone wanting freedom to roam.

The XC Duo will be on display for the first time at the Overland Expo May 16-18 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think!

For more, see our website,

‘Sagebrush’ Salmon Derbies Set On Upper Columbia

Washington’s sagebrush country will host a pair of salmon derbies this summer, the first in Wenatchee, the second out of Brewster.

The Coastal Conservation Association’s North-central Washington Chapter will host the first, July 18-19, which features a first prize of $2,000 and a top boat prize of $1,750.

Open waters include the Columbia from just below Wells Dam downriver to Rock Island Dam.

Sponsored by Hooked On Toys and Bob Feil Motors, both in Wenatchee, the event will also feature loot from Northwest Sportsman magazine. For more, check out this link.

Then comes the big Brewster Salmon Derby, now in its ninth year.

It’s set for Aug. 1-3, and features over $20,000 in cash and prizes, including $1,500 for first place.

Put on by the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, last year’s event saw 102 Chinook landed, the biggest of which was caught by Daryl White and went 26 pounds, 15 ounces.



Open waters are that part of the Brewster Pool between the Highways 173, 97 and 17 bridges at Brewster and Bridgeport.

The Brewster event also features prizes from Northwest Sportsman. It promotes tourism and the Upper Columbia’s salmon fishery. This year, around 67,500 summer Chinook and 282,000 sockeye bound for these waters are expected back to the mouth of the big river, and in coming years, the king forecast may rise as the Colville Tribes’ hatchery at Bridgeport comes into full production.

For more, see the derby’s website!

May 3 Is Outdoor Adventure Day At Northwest’s Cabela’s


Cabela’s, the World’s Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, will host the popular Cabela’s Outdoor Adventure Day featuring the US Sportsmen’s Alliance on Saturday, May 3rd beginning at 10:00 A.M until 2:00 P.M. All ages will enjoy free activities such as archery, kids casting, Daisy BB gun range, outdoor cooking and much more.

Beginning in 2001 with a single event held near Atlanta, Georgia, the Trailblazer Adventure Program has grown to over 700 events held in 48 different states across the country.  Last year alone, with help from Cabela’s partnership, the Trailblazer Adventure Program reached more than 225,000 youth and their families, making the programs total reach to over 1.5 million participants.

Along with Cabela’s, the program partners with youth serving agencies such as the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts and YMCA, to serve as an introductory program for youth and their families to experience our hunting heritage through one day events held coast to coast.  Events aim to expose all types of outdoor experiences to participants, as well as introduce them to different conservation methods. The Trailblazer program is once again partnering with Cabela’s to host events at store locations across the nation.

“These funds allow us to continue to reach hundreds of thousands of youth and families each year and also expand the program into new and different areas,” said Bud Pidgeon, USSA President and CEO. “We cannot thank the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund enough for their generosity.”

For more information about Cabela’s Outdoor Adventure Day at your local store, visit,,, or