SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (7-5-22)


Preliminary Washington Columbia River mainstem and tributary sport sampling summary June 27-July 3, 2022

Fishery Reports: 

Lower Columbia River Megler-Astoria Bridge upstream to Bonneville Dam – 269 salmonid boats and  227 Washington bank rods were tallied during Saturday’s (7/2) flight count. 


Mainstem Columbia River 


Sec 1 (Bonneville) – 70 bank anglers kept four Chinook, one sockeye and released three Chinook and  one steelhead.  

Sec 2 (Camas/Washougal) – 13 boats/20 rods kept four Chinook and released three Chinook. Sec 3 (I-5 area) – Five bank anglers kept one jack and released one steelhead.  

Sec 4 (Vancouver) – 53 bank anglers kept four Chinook, one steelhead, five sockeye and released three Chinook, one jack, three steelhead and two sockeye. 25 boats/42 rods kept two Chinook, one jack, two  steelhead and released three Chinook. 

Sec 5 (Woodland) – 223 bank anglers kept six Chinook, one jack, seven steelhead, 29 sockeye and  released eight Chinook, four steelhead and seven sockeye. 22 boats/61 rods kept 13 Chinook, one  steelhead and released seven Chinook. 

Sec 6 (Kalama) – 182 bank anglers kept 21 Chinook, one jack, five steelhead, nine sockeye and released  nine Chinook, 10 steelhead and seven sockeye. 28 boats/60 rods kept nine Chinook, six steelhead and  released five Chinook, one steelhead and one sockeye. 

Sec 7 (Cowlitz) – 14 boats/45 rods kept three Chinook, two sockeye and released three Chinook, two  steelhead and one sockeye. 

Sec 8 (Longview) – 331 bank anglers kept nine Chinook, one jack, 43 steelhead, 31 sockeye and released  14 Chinook, 17 steelhead and six sockeye. 91 boats/197 rods kept 24 Chinook, 34 steelhead, 15 sockeye and released 22 Chinook, 16 steelhead and nine sockeye.

Sec 9 (Cathlamet) – 103 bank anglers kept three Chinook, 24 steelhead, five sockeye and released one  Chinook and seven steelhead. 13 boats/43 rods kept three Chinook, one jack, 23 steelhead, eight  sockeye and released 11 Chinook, one jack, 15 steelhead and 10 sockeye.  

Sec 10 (Cathlamet) – 28 bank anglers kept five steelhead and released one Chinook and one steelhead.  2 boats/5 rods kept three steelhead and released one steelhead. 


Sec 2 (Camas/Washougal) – 1 boat/6 rods released three oversize sturgeon 

Sec 6 (Kalama) – 2 boats/3 rods released two sublegal sturgeon. 


Sec 1 (Bonneville) – 81 bank anglers kept 698 shad. 3 boats/6 rods kept 103 shad.

Sec 6 (Kalama) – 2 boats/9 rods kept 19 shad. 

Sec 7 (Cowlitz) – 1 boat/4 rods kept five shad. 

Sec 8 (Longview) – 3 boats/9 rods kept 166 shad. 

Columbia River Tributaries 


Cowlitz River I-5 Br downstream – 49 bank rods kept one jack and 10 steelhead.  

Cowlitz River Above the I-5 Br – 24 bank rods kept four steelhead. 11 boats/38 rods kept 53 steelhead  and released three steelhead. 

Kalama River – 16 bank rods kept one steelhead. 1 boat/3 rods kept one steelhead.

Lewis River – 24 bank rods kept three steelhead. 1 boat/1 rod released one steelhead.

Drano Lake – 2 boats/4 rods had no catch. 

Klickitat River below Fisher Hill Bridge – No report. 

Klickitat River above #5 Fishway – No report.