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Scan Marine Equipment is your source for Wallas mobile heating and cooking systems. A Wallas marine or RV heater will make your boat or vehicle a better investment, allowing you to use it more than twice as many days per year than you probably do today. Set up properly, a Wallas boat heater will help dry your vessel’s interior and increase interior oxygen levels.

Wallas stoves, diesel heaters and ovens have variable power. This means that unlike other systems, a Wallas diesel forced air device does not have to be stopped and started to hold a desired temperature while cooking or heating the cabin.

Built in Finland, Wallas diesel products are designed to burn diesel fuel. No need to burn lighter fuels of any kind in these devices, meaning diesel fuel from your local fuel station or dock is the preferred fuel to use.

Since diesel Wallas heater, stove and stove/heater products can run continuously at a broad range of power settings, they can be installed in a range of boat sizes and tuned to each type and size of vessel. The latest heaters are thermostat controlled through the new ICP panel, or direct power control means on demand power output you can customize as conditions change.

A Wallas heater is quiet, efficient and ecologically friendly. They can be installed in a variety of locations in either new or retrofit applications. Available in either diesel or kerosene models, Wallas products are the last word in energy efficiency.