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Exquisiteknives.com offers the finest in custom Knives. Retired ABS Mastersmith Dave Ellis has been buying and selling knives since the 1980’s. As a maker, collector and knife dealer, Dave can provide the perfect piece for that special occasion gift or a new hunting knife for Deer season.

With Dave’s contacts Worldwide, exquisiteknives has located some of the most valuable as well as collectible art knives as well as obscure makers that have eluded most dealers. High profile clientele have supported Dave and his site because they know that their purchases are held in the strictest confidence.

For those collectors that find themselves a bit overwhelmed, Dave can help sort through their collections and even offer to consign certain knives that he feels are saleable on the exquisiteknives.com web site.

Collectibility is the utmost concern for Dave so over the year exquisiteknives has focused on blue chip makers, names like Bob Loveless, Bill Moran, Jim Schmidt, Buster Warenski, Michael Walker and Ron Lake can often be seen on the website. Foreign knife makers have a large presence on exquisiteknives.com. Argentinian CAS, Sam Lurquin of Belgium, Charley Bennica of France can all be found on the pages of one of top knife sites on the web.