Five Northeast Oregon Wolves Released in Colorado

Five wolves from three different packs were just captured in Northeast Oregon and released into northwestern Colorado as part of the latter state’s voter-mandated reintroduction of the polarizing species.


The quintet includes two juveniles – a female and male – from the Five Points Pack, a juvenile male and juvenile female from the Noregaard Pack, and an adult male from the Wenaha pack.

The animals were captured Sunday, given medical exams and let loose today, according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife press release.

CPW’s plan calls for 10 to 15 wolves to have been released by mid-March and 30 to 50 over the next three to five years.

Five Points and Noregaard were among Oregon’s largest packs at the end of 2022, a year-end survey found. Five Points and Wenaha Packs were both involved in confirmed depredations this year, with four members of the former pack lethally removed in response.

Oregon was the only state willing to work with Colorado on the effort. Idaho, Wyoming and Montana didn’t care to, while it could have raised uncomfortable questions in Washington if there were enough wolves to give some away but not go further in proposing to downlist them.