Fishing Spots Near Me

Are you one of the new generation xyz? and you’re into apps. Then have a look at this app from They have a gi-normous amount of information on fishing and every type. Anyways, you should have a look of this app created by them. The app is powered by FishBrain. The app provides information on not just a map with lakes, but also:
  • Logged Catches
  • Fish Species
  • Fishing Forecasts
Here’s a quick breakdown from this app:

Logged Catches

This is kind of cool, you get to see who caught what and showing their angling prowess. Obviously, no one will tell you where the secret fishing hole is at.

Fish Species

This feature is just a glorified library of fish species and tells you where in the U.S. these fishes would be at.

Fishing Forecasts

This feature seems interesting, the app gives you a mini-weather like sky conditions with the temperature. Then the information that most anglers are looking for is the “bite times in the area”. Supposedly, this is based on the location that you would have input at the very top of the app.

Does it Work?
Does this app work and is it accurate? Well, from the standpoint of just playing with the app, it works in displaying the information. How accurate, don’t know. I would need to talk to our Chief Editor Andy, he’s the guru angler in these parts. Or, I’ll just talk to my grand pappy who’s been fishing for over 60 years. Your mileage will vary if you’re using this app. Try it out below.