Salem Man Busted With 11-plus Times The Dungeness Limit; Had 95 Females

Editor’s note: The suspect’s name was initially misspelled in a press release but has been corrected.


On September 16, 2021 at about 1:00 a.m., a Newport Police Officer was conducting routine area patrols in the public parking lot near the area of (Rogue) brewery. The Officer encountered a group of subjects who were standing next to a vehicle. 


As the Officer approached, one of the males sat down quickly on top of an ice chest that was next to the vehicle on the ground. The male was identified as Dave Langimeo of Salem, OR. The Officer asked Langimeo if he had been crabbing at the nearby pier and Langimeo told him he had not started yet. 

During the conversation, Langimeo was acting suspiciously. When asked, Langimeo told the Officer he could check the ice chest.  Langimeo opened the cooler and quickly shut the lid.  The Officer could see the cooler was full of crab, some of which appeared to be undersized Dungeness crab.

The Officer then opened the lid and immediately saw several illegally kept undersized and female crab. Langimeo was asked to present his shell fish license and he said he didn’t have it on him.  Langimeo was with three other males who stated they had not been crabbing and Langimeo said he took full responsibility for the catch. 

The Officer looked through the windows of Langimeo vehicle and could see two other ice chest that were so full the lids wouldn’t close. The Officer could see female and undersized crab in these as well. 

After a search of all three-ice chests, 135 Dungeness crab were found, 95 of which were female Dungeness crab. Langimeo’s legally allowed daily catch limit was no more than 12 legal-size male Dungeness crab in his possession. Langimeo was cited in lieu of custody for misdemeanor: Retaining Female Crab / Exceeding the Shellfish Bag Limit / Retaining undersized Crab.

The kept crabs were returned to the bay, but it is doubtful many of them survived, as most had been out of the water for some time. 

Crabbing can be a fun activity that can involve the entire family and friends.  The Newport Police Department encourages all persons who crab from the local docks to read the fish and game regulations and to have a crab measuring device with them.

The Newport Police Department wants to remind our citizens to continue to report suspicious activities. The Newport Police Tip Line is available at 541-574-5455, or Text-a-Tip at 541-270-1856 or If you have any information regarding this case, contact Officer Randall of the Newport Police Department at 541-574-3348.