RWONWF: Fishing A Field Trip

Editor’s note: This December marked our 7th Annual Real Women of Northwest Fishing feature! Once again, we turned the issue over to the women and girls who are quietly and very successfully joining the ranks of Washington, Oregon and Idaho fishers, making Northwest anglerdom all the stronger. And as we do each year, we share their stories and photos on our blog. Enjoy this year’s edition of Northwest Sportsman’s Real Women of Northwest Fishing! 7th-annual-real-women-logo

Teresa Schmeck, a seventh-grade history and English teacher at Ochoa Middle School in Pasco, has become an excellent angler over the last five years.schmeck-1

“My personality of calm peace in my thoughts, patience, attention to detail and competitive tenacity make fishing perfect for me,” Schmeck says.

Friend Andrew Templeton says she enjoys bass, crappie, kokanee and lings, but walleye and salmon are her faves.


“Fishing has helped me as a teacher of Washington history,” Schmeck adds. “I’ve seen so much of our state’s amazing geography, natural beauty and influential history while travelling the state and fishing.”

“I always want to be learning. Steelhead next, please!”

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