Maxxum Marine: ‘The Seal And Staple Of Solid Craftsmanship’

By Ulises Ordonez-Perez

Maxxum Marine has blossomed into an establishment far bigger than originally envisioned.
Stacy Slonecker was in junior high school when he began tinkering, dismantling and rebuilding
boats. He got it from his father, who worked as a mechanic for heavy machinery. Lloyd, Stacy’s
older brother, hopped into the boat-building business years later using Lloyd’s commercial
photography studio as means of a workshop, which would soon become Unique Manufacturing.

Before they settled on a name that has now become the seal and staple of solid craftsmanship, the two brothers specialized in building aluminum fishing boats that would soon be stamped Maxxum, a name that “states maximum strength, maximum performance.” For a long time it was just the two of them before they realized they needed to grow their business in terms of infrastructure.

Production has evolved tremendously through the years, and that called for a bigger workspace and more hands on deck. Reluctant at first, they have shifted into higher gear but continue to have high expectations and strive for excellence. Although Maxxum no longer builds aluminum boats, the company is still a fierce contender in boat, motor and accessory sales and customization.

One of our most popular boats from 2020 and even now has been the Thunder Jet Alexis Pro
Series (Offshore). Sporting a high-performance extra-wide hull, this boat provides more stability
and comfort, even in the roughest conditions. A large extended reverse chine delivers improved
tracking and easier turning ability. Then there’s the V-hull and hull, designed to push water out,
not forward, leading to a higher, drier ride for further comfort than ever before.
Along with our wide range of services, electronic installs and complete overhauls, we are one of
the largest suppliers of Garmin and Suzuki products. Although we don’t offer every entity in
terms of outboard motors, we do include Mercury, Yamaha and Tohatsu in our sales.
Humminbird and Minn Kota products are also no stranger to us, and we are a factory dealer for
Miller Marine and Fish Fighter products.

Here’s a boat owner pro tip. Come spring, boat companies start to fill up with orders, becoming
overwhelmed as fishing season is just around the corner. But if you bring your boats in during
the winter for routine maintenance, you’ll be ready as soon as the sun comes out. This, of
course, excludes de-winterizations. You want to keep your boat winterized through the winter.
But most boat shops come to a crawl during the winter, which makes for quick turnaround, so in
case there’s a big issue with your boat or vessel, your boat’s not stuck in the shop on a
beautiful, sunny day and in the middle of fishing season. And as of press deadline we’re having
to turn away business because the amount of orders are just too high.

In conclusion, our company strives for greatness, and we pride ourselves on having a wealth of
knowledge in all aspects of the marine industry. We commit to constantly improving our processes each and every day, and we back up our work. If there is something we cannot do, we don’t pretend to know or attempt anything we might fail, but we will work with our customers to make sure they have and get what they need.

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the boat, mechanical and manufacturing industry, we look forward to further serving our community.
Editor’s note: Ulises Ordonez-Perez is a rigging technician at Maxxum Marine