‘I’m Gutting A Moose’

What happens when you call up fishing or hunting guides during the day?

You connect with them while they’re on the water or in the field.

And sometimes you get them while they’re fighting a fish, or, well, we’ll just let the following conversation play out:

(Phone dials number)

Rich Lindsey, Blue Ribbon Charters: “Hello?”

AW: “Hey, Rich, this is Andy Walgamott, I’m the editor of Northwest Sportsman magazine. We’re doing a story on Priest Lake Mackinaw in an upcoming edition and I was curious if you had any photos you could send me.”

RL: “I’d love to, I’ve got tons of pictures, but guess what, Andy? I’m gutting a moose right now. My hands are covered in blood.”

AW (Note to self: Bring glove to handle Rich’s phone if fishing with him this fall/winter): “Oh, OK, well … maybe I’ll just email you my request?”

RL (to hunter): “Are you saving the heart?”

AW: “Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

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