Horseshoe Curve

Another one in the bag

Horseshoe Curve Hunt Club is an upland bird preserve open to the public.
Nestled along the Umatilla River, 10 miles west of Pendleton, Ore., the
whole valley is private land… not available to be hunted. We opened our
lodge 9 years ago eager to share the treasures of this valley with the

When properly cared for, it’s a sportsman’s paradise. With irrigated habitat
and food plots, all types of wildlife have prospered. Whitetails and mule
deer are plentiful… drawn to the sorghum, corn and alfalfa. The woodlots
along the river provide shelter. All of it designed for their benefit.

Pheasants, chukar and quail are abundant. Grasslands, shelter, food,
water… everything they need to thrive. None of our food plots are ever
harvested. Just left for the wildlife to use.

Waterfowl and steelhead utilize the Umatilla River all fall and winter. The
waterfowl love the backwaters. Several of the best steelhead runs on the
Umatilla are on the property.

With attention to detail and strategic planning for wildlife, we have created a
sanctuary that is a sportsman’s paradise.

For more information, contact us.
Kent Beebe, owner