So, you’re planning a B.C. fishing trip ? Maybe you’ve already seen or heard the stories of the Province’s bountiful fishing potential. The B.C. coast is renowned for its Salmon fisheries, but the Province’s hidden gems lie in its interior, 20,000 lakes and 466,000 miles of rivers harbor entire ecosystems of fish to catch . If the interior is B.C.’s hidden gem, the Northern Rockies and Muskwa Kechika are the crown jewel, being the Province’s largest protected area, covering some 10 percent of B.C’s landmass. For over 40 years, Bush Pilot Urs’ Northern Rockies Adventures has been guiding anglers in B.C.’s remote north , fishing
the Province’s most exclusive fly-in fishing destinations.

Backcountry fly-in fishing means 6 wild native trophy freshwater species just waiting to be caught. Wild native Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout make up the Grand Slam of the Northern Rockies . Escape the crowds and fly-in directly to B.C. best freshwater fishing! A haven of freshwater fishing for both Spincasting and Fly Fishing . The best catch rates in the Province backup Northern Rockies Adventure’s prestigious premium fly-in fishing trips. So come on up and catch the Big Fish in the pristine Rocky Mountains, on an unforgettable Canadian fly-in Fishing Trip !