They’ve Got Your Tackle Covered!

Hello, my name is Mike Mauk and I live in Brewster, Washington. My mother and I are the founders of Mauk Fishing Stuff fishing tackle covers.

Back in 2004, two very important people in my life passed away. My wife passed from uterine cancer and two weeks later my dad passed from natural causes. This left me alone with a home in California and my mom alone in Brewster with a home that needed taking care of.

So I sold out, retired from the Operating Engineers Union and
moved in with my mom and took over the chores around the house. She and I would spend almost every day of the summer salmon season fishing here in the Columbia River, except
for the crazy weekends.mauktackle1

Fishing with two poles and double treble hooks and still learning how to catch the big kings here, I had tackle everywhere in the boat. After a fishing trip, it took hours to get everything cleaned up and ready to do it again the next morning before daylight.

I realized a need for some kind of lure cover so I could keep the tackle on the pole and ready for fishing without having to rig up two poles in the early morning before daylight on the boat.

Mom was about as patient as I am, and she didn’t like waiting to get a line in the water once the boat stopped!

This tackle cover was a way to keep the lures and flashers tidy while changing gear on the poles, and a way to cut down on the entanglement after every trip!

Mom has been a big crafter all her life. We tried quite a few different ways to make covers, and came up with sewing Velcro onto vinyl and wrapping around the poles. We had all different sizes and different configurations of Velcro to fasten them.

Then my nephew, a big time bass fisherman, saw what we were doing and asked for some to fit his bass plugs. He wanted colored ones, blue to match his poles, that you could not see what lure was inside. Fishermen can be a secretive bunch. I personally like to see what’s in the cover without undoing it, hence the clear vinyl.

We realized we could maybe sell these covers, but we had to get one size and be consistent. So we started making the cover 6½ inches wide by 8½ inches long so that when folded, they would cover the Mag Warts bass fishermen use, and the Super Baits we were using to catch salmon.

mauktackle2We started selling on eBay and sold a few. Then I started a website. I didn’t sell very many, but we were selling more and more on eBay. So I started making bigger ones to fit the flashers and smaller ones to fit the smaller tackle and dodgers.
Then we started selling on Amazon, and after a while were selling
quite a few, and we got some suggestions for other sizes. We started make them and add them to the lineup, too. We never planned on making a bunch of money, it was just more of a hobby that could make a few bucks.

I knew keeping the prices down was key, so we did, but after a few years we realized that eBay and Amazon were making more than we were, so I have raised the prices some and we are still selling quite a few.

Last year at a Spokane Sports show I ran into Captain Dave with
Captain Dave’s Guide Service and he told me that he was needing sleeves to hold all the various sizes of kokanee blades and dodgers, so I came home and came up with a couple of designs and sent them to Dave. He sent me back more ideas, and now I am making sleeves to fit small dodgers all the way up to the 0 and 1 size herring dodgers, as well as the 11-inch plastic Pro-Troll and Hot Spot flashers.mauktackle3

Mom passed away from natural causes Nov. 21, 2015, just shy of her 94th birthday. Although she is greatly missed, she lived a full and — I believe — happy life. She stayed at home until the last week of life when we had to have her in the Harmony House here in Brewster where they took magnificent care of her in her last days.
So Mom and Mike’s Fishing Tackle Covers lives on. Please check our web sites and Again, we also sell on eBay and Amazon, as well as directly. You can also call or text me at (509) 449- 0605.

If you do not see a size that will fit what you are trying to cover, please ask and I will try to accommodate you.


We have your tackle covered.

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