Another Oregonian Cited For Guiding Fishermen Illegally


A second Oregon fishing guide was cited for illegally guiding clients in western Oregon. This follows a similar citation issued last month to a guide in Tillamook County.

Carl Burge, 40, of Carlton, had several clients ready to fish the lower Willamette River when he was approached by Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Troopers on March 31 at Fred’s Marina on the Multnomah Chanel. Burge did not have the license and certification required of guides. He was charged with Guiding or Offering to Guide without a license, which is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Charges came after complaints to OSP Fish and Wildlife Troopers that Burge frequently behaved in an unprofessional manner toward other guides and their clients while on the water. Further, he did not have the appropriate inspection decals on his boat. When OSP F&W Troopers investigated Burge’s practices as a guide, it became clear that he was not following Oregon laws regarding licensing and certification.   

Licenses and registrations prove that guides have passed competencies like first aid, and that they are able to protect their clients in case of an accident or mishap. Decals indicate a boat has passed an official annual inspection. Both are designed to ensure the safety of Oregonians recreating on the water, according to the Oregon State Marine Board website.

“Standards set out for fishing and other guides help keep Oregonians safe.  If you are thinking of becoming a guide, make sure you do your research and find out what licenses and permits you need before accepting payment for guide services,” said Lieutenant Ryan Howell, Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division. “People need to do their homework and guide safely and legally.”

Yvonne Shaw of the Stop Poaching campaign agrees.

“The rules for guides create a level playing field and help make fishing safe in Oregon,” said Shaw. “When people skirt the rules, it impacts those who do go through the correct process.”

To Report Poaching, Call the Turn In Poachers (TIP) Line by dialing *OSP or 800-452-7888