2 Wolves Lethally Removed In Northern Ferry County

Two wolves have been lethally removed from a northern Ferry County pack in response to a series of cattle depredations, WDFW reported early this afternoon.


Agency Director Kelly Susewind authorized the action on Monday after two calves were killed and four other calves were injured by the Togo Pack in attacks that stretch back to last August but mostly have occurred over the last month.

The cattle belonged to two different producers who made use of proactive and responsive measures to head off conflicts, according to WDFW. The depredations occurred on private pastures.

The culled wolves are described as a yearling female that was killed June 14 and an adult male that was removed June 17, according to the agency.

WDFW reports the removal permit, per se, has now expired, though states that more lethal actions could be taken if additional depredations occur.

Wildlife managers typically take out wolves to head off further attacks on livestock and to reduce the numbers of mouths in the pack to feed.

It’s notable how relatively quickly WDFW was able to kill these two wolves. A lethal authorization Susewind granted late last August resulted in none removed over a month, though attempts were made, according to the agency. During that period there were also no further confirmed depredations.