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Fighting Saltwater Corrosion from Stem to Stern

Boats that are used and stored in saltwater environments are under constant attack from a variety of corrosive elements. Every metal component on your boat, right down to the smallest screw or hose clamp, is susceptible to corrosion related damage. Sometimes, it’s simply a cosmetic issue, like a pitted railing or orange streaks wherever finish screws meet gelcoat. Corrosion damage can also result in much worse problems, including mechanical breakdowns and engine issues that can ruin a day on the water and/or put a big dent in your bank account.

You aren’t powerless against corrosion, however. Even though it’s a persistent foe, boaters who fight the good fight against corrosion can keep their vessels running well and looking good. Here are five key ways to battle corrosion in all areas of your boat:

Keep it Clean — Wash your boat thoroughly with soap and fresh water after every trip. Don’t stop with just quickly hosing down the deck; wash and scrub from bow to stern, paying special attention to metal components like railings, rod holders and hinges (hint: use a soft-bristle brush on everything other than the cockpit sole). Then thoroughly flush your engine with fresh water to remove any traces of salt water from the cooling system. If you keep your boat on a trailer, wash the trailer thoroughly with soap and water as well, making sure to rinse all of the salt off of the brakes.

Keep it Protected — If your boat is stored in its slip, make sure to tilt the outboard or I/O lower unit to its highest position, so your running gear isn’t constantly bathed in salt water. It’s also important to always keep your boat covered, whether in a slip or on the trailer. Towel-dry your boat after washing and install a full cover after every trip. Custom-made covers are a worthwhile investment because they are made to fit your boat securely and prevent pooling of rainwater or condensation.

Watch Your Zincs — Make sure you know where all of the sacrificial zinc anodes are throughout your boat, and replace them if they are degraded. These zinc “tabs” are commonly found on the engine lower unit and transom, but they can also be found inside the engine compartment, as part of your running gear, and elsewhere. Check your boat and engine owner’s manual to confirm how many there are and where they are. Zincs are made to be eaten away over time; by doing so they “sacrifice” themselves to protect other metallic components against galvanic corrosion. If they are neglected and wear away, they cannot perform this protective function.

Lubricate the Little Things — Lubrication doesn’t just keep things moving, it also protects against water intrusion and rust. Apply marine grease to the fittings on your outboard steering tilt tube and engine trim mechanism. On sterndrive boats, hit the gimbal bearing and engine coupler. Periodically go around the boat and apply a light coat of moisture-displacing lubricant to the myriad moving metal parts such as latches, hinges, linkages, bow rollers and the like. If it’s metal and it moves, treat it. Check your boat and engine owner’s manual to ensure you’ve identified all recommended lubrication points.

Protect Your Engine & Fuel System — Regardless how meticulously you treat corrosion on the outside your boat, it’s most painful in places where it can’t be seen – like inside your boat’s fuel system and engine. Techron® Marine Protection Plus Fuel System Treatment from Chevron is scientifically formulated to provide best-in-class corrosion protection in the harshest marine environments for the entire fuel system. Adding just one ounce per 10 gallons of fuel with every fill up will help keep any gasoline-powered boat running clean and strong all season long. Techron Marine also stabilizes fuel for an impressive 24 months. Additionally, store your boat with a full tank of fuel (95% or more) and take care of fuel system components you can see, by inspecting fuel lines, fittings, hose clamps, inline fuel filters and water-separating fuel filters. Clean or replace as needed.

It’s true that rust never sleeps. It can, however, be kept at bay by boaters who battle corrosion as an important part of their maintenance routine. To learn more about cleaning and protecting your boat’s fuel system and engine, visit

Optimizing your Boat’s Performance

Whether you’re a tournament bass pro, weekend warrior or an offshore fishing enthusiast, you always want your boat to perform at its absolute best. The same holds true for family pleasure boaters who find their on-the-water thrills racing across the lake or pulling skiers, tubes and wakeboards.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your rig runs strong and fast, while squeezing the most range out of every gallon of gas. And remember, there is more to performance than just acceleration and top-end speed. Easy starting in cold conditions, smooth, even idling and trouble-free trolling are just as important to a great day on the water.

Here are some helpful tips to optimize your boat’s performance:

Keep Your Bottom Smooth. Anything that interferes with the flow of water over the hull bottom can negatively effect acceleration, top-speed and fuel efficiency. If your boat is stored in a slip, make sure to regularly have your hull bottom and running gear professionally cleaned, and apply a fresh coat of bottom paint (which impedes marine growth) every two years, at least. If your boat has a thru-hull transducer, consider installing a modern in-hull flush mount that sits flush with the hull surface. Even boats on trailers can see performance benefits when you fill and sand smooth any cracks or gouges in the boat’s gelcoat surface.

Get Properly Propped. Having the ideal propeller size, type and style for your boat can make a huge difference in both acceleration and overall performance. Engine manufacturers will usually provide recommendations as to which size (diameter), pitch and number of blades might perform best. Pitch — sized in inches and indicating how far the boat is propelled forward with each revolution — is especially important. A low-pitched (or “short”) prop is like low gear on a car. It will provide fast acceleration or “hole shot,” but may cause the engine to over-rev before reaching optimal speed. A high-pitched prop can deliver top speed, but a prop that is “too tall” can result in a boat that has a hard time getting up on plane. It can also make it hard for the boat’s engine to reach it optimal operating range. The ideal prop for each boat is one that provides strong acceleration while allowing the engine to reach the recommended maximum RPM range at wide-open throttle.

Properly Trim Your Rig. The performance of any boat — particularly high-powered outboard rigs — can be greatly affected by adjusting the trim. Trim is essentially the running attitude of the hull. A boat that is “trimmed down” too much will ride with the bow low in the water, decreasing speed and efficiency. Think of it like driving a car uphill all the time.

A boat that is “trimmed up” too much will tend to get airborne, pound over the waves or “porpoise” when running at a consistent speed. Operators can fine-tune a boat’s trim by adjusting the tilt/trim mechanism on the outboard motor or outdrive to a position where the boat rides smoothly and level. Simply by adjusting engine trim, you can see the boat pick up RPMs and speed without touching the throttle. Boats with hydraulic or electric trim tabs can make much finer adjustments to the overall trim angle and even adjust each side of the boat individually to accommodate weight balance. A well-trimmed boat will be running level (not listing to either side) and should fall within maximum operating RPM when running at full throttle.

Keep The Engine Clean. A clean engine is a strong running, smooth and efficient engine. But how do you keep your boat’s engine clean and protected against corrosion in the harsh marine environment? New Techron® Marine Protection Plus Fuel Treatment restores power and performance and optimizes fuel efficiency by cleaning fuel injectors, throttle bodies, carburetors and combustion chambers.

This exclusive formula, designed to clean up gasoline engines and keep them clean with every fill-up, removes intake valve deposits in port fuel injected engines for smoother idling and enhanced throttle response. Techron’s proven cleaning power also helps minimize cold starting problems while removing gum and varnish in the fuel system. If your boat has to sit for any amount of time, you also have the confidence of knowing that Techron Marine stabilizes fuel up to 24 months.

These are just some of the ways fishing and boating enthusiasts can get the most performance, efficiency and fun out of their vessels.
To learn more about optimizing boat performance with the cleaning power of Techron,

The Boat Doc, LLC offers convenient boat motor repair services

Our experienced technicians will provide on-site testing!

Whether your marine craft features an inboard or outboard motor, the professionals at The Boat Doc LLC will be able to quickly repair it! Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer reasonable rates and dependable service.

Professional repairs for boat components

  • Drive rebuilds

  • Drive system repairs

  • Inboard and outboard motors

  • Transmission rebuilds

  • Parts department available

Boat MotorsCall 541-913-6431 today to schedule an appointment for your boat’s motor repairs.  We offer reliable repair services with fast turnaround time.

We also offer our own parts department for your favorite boat motor brands!

  • Johnson/Evinrude

  • Yamaha

  • Mercury

  • Honda

  • Suzuki

  • OMC

  • Volvo Penta

  • Mercruiser

  • PCM

  • PWC full service and repairs

Visit our convenient location at 1252 30th Street today for reasonable rates on your boat’s repair. All workmanship is covered 100%!

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Life Proof Boats’ 30ft Side Targa ‘At Top Of Boating Food Chain’


Our 30ft Side Targa is at the top of the boating food chain. It was designed to offer ultimate usability and functionality. Featuring 4 forward facing seats, two rear facing seats, and large bench seat for 4, there is no comparison for comfort and performance. Inside the boat there is room for an optional flushing head and a large berth which can accommodate people with up to 6′-8″ of lay down room. For those looking for even a little more, there is room for a sink, microwave, and refrigerator.

boattemp4Designed not only for superior sea-handling capabilities, the collars mitigate shock loads in higher seas, producing a softer / dryer ride to the user. The collars also provide collision protection from other boats or docks when loading or unloading. Our industry first design, also allows operators superior access and interaction with the water, while providing large interior space owed to the unique shaped collar design. Our unique designs are not achievable with typical air collared boats.

Complementing our RIB design is our all aluminum high speed hull that incorporates a 22 degree dead rise aft transitioning to a 48 degree deadrise at the bow, lifting strake interceptors, and a speed shoe for greater speeds with a deep V deadrise.


FAST Closed Cell Foam Buoyancy Stabilizers: The FAST collar system provides superior buoyancy, unparalleled stability and maximum collision protection in a cutting edge, heavy duty package that allows your boat to operate in the toughest conditions of its class. Manufactured with industry leading equipment and techniques, polyurethane covered foam collars provide a light weight, stable, and seaworthy ride. Used in conjunction with our collar systems our decks are water tight and self bailing which allow them to quickly evacuate any water that may enter the boat. Under the self bailing decks is additional polyethylene foam to achieve maximum flotation and to provide sound deadening for a quieter ride.

As a industry leader, FAST collar systems on our RIB’s are designed with a fully enclosed/removable air bladder inside the collar between the outer membrane and polyethylene foam. This air bladder can be built to any size, allowing for different ratios of air to foam in the collar. The air bladder can be removed and replaced in minutes once the zipper that runs full length of the collar is unzipped. This allows the removal and replacement of the air bladder without ever having to remove the collar from the boat.

boattemp2Hull Scantling Structure: The boats structure is designed with toughness in mind. Using the latest in computer aided design software and vessel computation analysis, our engineering team is leading the industry with modern vessel design. All hull and superstructure components are cut with a computer controlled (CNC) router. The structure of our boats are designed using the marine industry rules and regulations published by LLoyd’s Register and ISO.

Performance Fins: With our performance fins, located below the collar, the boat stays flat in the corners and provides unmatched performance while greatly reducing heal.

ABYC Rigging Compliance: We are dedicated to using ABYC rules and regulations during the design and manufacturing of our boats.

Shock Mitigated Drop boattemp1Down Bolster Seating: This boat comes with shock mitigated seating as a standard option. Varying grades of shock mitigation seating are available as options.


Life Proof Boats Launches New 500hp Center-console Diesel Inboard Line


We are proud to announce the launching of our new diesel inboard center console line. With the heart of the platform in the form of a 6.6L Duramax Diesel putting out 500HP, and delivering the power through a Hamilton waterjet. At just under 6,300 lbs wet, the incredible power to weight ratio allows the boat to achieve sprint speeds in excess of 50 MPH.

life 1

This is one of the first of many following high profile aluminum RIB’s that will change the way the marine industry looks at RIB’s. That is because it incorporates our new hybrid collar technology. With 20% air and 80% foam in the collar, your senses will tell you this is a typical inflatable. But the zipper running the whole length of the collar is a giveaway there is more to this boat. The zipper system gives the user ultimate control over servicing the collar. It is a game changer for the amount of control it gives the user in the event the separate, internal bladder is compromised. Because the other collar materials only protect the internal bladder from abrasion and UV rays, the lifespan of the collar itself is increased far beyond a conventional RIB.

life 2


Also incorporated into the platform are the latest military grade suspension seats from Shockwave. The S3 mid back drop down seats incorporate 8″ of suspension via Fox Float H2O shocks. And with the optional seat height adjustment package and drop down bolster seat, they allow the user to have the ultimate comfort in either a seated or standing position.

life 3

While the displacement might be identical to your on road GMC pickup this engine has been massaged to give more power and handle the harsh marine environment. Coupled to a ZF transmission with optional push-button transmission selection and a drive line from Portland Drives lines, this power plant is incredibly quite and responsive. With one of the most remarkable aspects of the engine being its fuel economy, cruise on the platform seams to be around 32 mph while burning approx. 13 gallons/hr.

life 4

Other fun features of the boat include the twin 7,000 lumen LED flood lights from PTLX, the electronically actuated windscreen, 5 ton flush mounted pick points, and Aquatrac PVC laminated foam decking.

Boat Characteristics
………………………………………  50MPH W/ 500HP 6.6L Duramax
Hull Lengths Available: …………….  28′
Beam with Collar: …………………….  10′-6″ Inflated, 10′ Road Width
Deadrise at Transom: ……………….  22 Degrees
Deadrise at Entry: …………………….  48 Degrees
All Aluminum Construction: …….  Alloy 5086 H116
Fuel Capacity: …………………………..  85 Gallons

For more, see:

KingFisher Boats Rolls Out Three New 2017 Models


KingFisher Welded Sportfishing Boats introduced three new 2017 models, rounding out its portfolio in their Sport and Coastal series.

The Inn at Port Gardner hosted more than 40 full line dealers and vendors at the company’s dealer council in Everett, Wash. in July, where the boats were introduced.

The 2017 Escape HT is debuting as the newest boat in the Coastal Series, marketed with sharp styling, legendary fishability and performance ride that the company said is “the perfect stepping stone into the coastal boating arena.”



Measuring more than 21 feet, the Escape HT features a completely new hull design. The boat features a 16 degree variable deadrise with a 96” beam. Add flat gunnels for easy downrigger mounting together with its exclusive folding step-thru at the transom.

The 2325 Coastal Express, a midsize pilot house model, was also introduced. Featuring an offshore motor bracket for twin engine mounting, this 24-footer features an 8-foot beam, high visibility forward-sloping windshield, foul weather bow coamings, and fish lockers integrated into the design.



KingFisher rounded out its Sport series by unveiling a 20-foot addition to its popular 16-foot and 18-foot Falcon models. The 2025 Falcon features its exclusive Pre-Flex hull technology, full-length delta keel, full-length formed in reverse chines with performance lifting strakes. Fish in safety and comfort both inland and deep water with a welded five-piece walk-thru windshield. The self-bailing drop bow with oversized fish box features fast draining freeing ports.



Byron Bolton, CEO shared his views on the growing mid-sized fishing boat market. “As leaders in the welded heavy-gauge sector, we have a shared commitment to our customers by listening, understanding and delivering the products they desire. Our valued dealers have spoken, and once again we are delivering.”

KingFisher Welded Sportfishing Boats offer factory installed engine choices of Mercury, Yamaha and Evinrude.

Kingfisher Boats
(888) 545-9171

Life Proof Boats 2015

Based in Bremerton, WA, Life Proof Boats is at the cutting edge of new boating innovations for anglers in the Pacific Northwest. The NWFR crew got to tour the factory and see the latest boats and revolutionary designs they are pioneering. And of course, we do a little fishing at Hoodsport for some chum salmon!

Xtaero Boats Announces New Craft


Seattle, WA— At a quiet but exciting Jig completion ceremony the new company (pronounced ‘ext-arrow’) announced the successful arrival of its first completed boat to Juneau, Alaska. It was pre-sold in November 2014 prior to building it. The Jig and associated manufacturing bays represent a massive financial commitment by the company to the market and the boat. The first boat was built using a freestanding inverted method and the new Jig is a specially designed tool anchored in concrete that will aid the precision manufacturing of the fully hydrodynamic aluminum hull. The Jig will dramatically decrease the time from customer order to delivery of their boat.


The boat is an all welded all-aluminum monohull with outboard engine (twins optional), fully enclosed cabin, deep self-bailing cockpit, large cuddy, and twenty degree deadrise.

Construction is unique in that the exterior skin of the hull sides, chines and bottom are fully developed using software a little beyond the well known Solid Works and CAD programs. We use a flat surface modeling concept that allows us to precisely bend the large bottom sheets of the hull into subtle compound curves and interlace them with other curved parts. The boat is a welded girder and frame system with breastplate, a method that has been tested for centuries, but the system takes precision fairing of aluminum to another level. The benefit over other boats is Xtaero’s outstanding characteristics of better ride in rough water, superior cornering ability in bigger waves and fuel economy with a lighter weight boat that is actually stronger and quieter.

Interior layout is two forward facing seats, and aft of those two inward facing seats. The interior design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, expandability and rugged elegance.

The boat weighs 2,400 pounds without any engines and customers are free to select any single or twin combination up to 300 hp total. The standard gasoline capacity is 100 gallons with options for additional capacity.

Xtaero Boats are available as a package including boat, motor, electronics and trailer for one stop shopping and rigging, or a combination. Customers choose the fit-out such as amenities for diving with custom tank storage and custom dive doors, typical fishing components, exploring and camping. Optional items include bigger heaters, heads, fresh water, advanced electronics, davits, pot pullers, etc.“We will be creative for our customers,” says Troy Bouchard, a Coast Guard veteran with 17 years on Kodiak, Island and who is controller for Xtaero Boats.

Xtaero Boats was founded in 2012 by Travis Brandt, a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and of the aluminum boat manufacturing industry. The Xtaero XT22DV was designed especially for Xtaero Boats by Jarek Kanios of Conrad Yachts. The lead welder is Sean Withrow, who was the jig and keel fabricator for Almar Boats for 12 years and who fabricated the first 75 North River Sea Hawk hulls.

“We are very excited about the jig and our production tooling because it will help us build better boats faster resulting in lower cost to build and therefore lower prices for our customers,” said Travis Brandt, founder and president.

The company is selling boats factory direct and are available for immediate order and delivery within 45-60 days.

For more information see or call (855) 915-2628.

U.S. Marine Sales, Your Source For Boating Needs Near Olympia

Why go anywhere else for your boating needs?

Located in Olympia, U.S. Marine Sales has been around for 30-plus years and is an independent family-run business with a knowledgeable sales staff.

Their 6,500-square-foot indoor showroom features new and used boats. U.S. Marine Sales’ fully trained technicians are on site six days a week.

US marine

They’re who to talk to when you need parts, accessories, maintenance and repairs.

It’s worth the drive to U.S. Marine Sales for your boating needs, because boating is their business. For more, call (360) 455-0788, and check out their Facebook page too.

Power Sports Unlimited Moves To New Portland Location

Attention, fisherman! Come visit Power Sports Unlimited at our new location one block south of the Willamette Park Boat Ramp in Southwest Portland!

photo (7)

We now offer full sales and service or new and used fishing boats!


We feature Suzuki Marine Outboards and Weldcraft , Raider, and Klamath Aluminum Boats!


And we carry only the best high quality used boats in the Northwest.


Check us out at, call us at 503-206-7490 or stop by 6626 Macadam Ave. Portland OR 97239.