RWONWF: ‘I Just Want To Go’

Editor’s note: This December marked our 7th Annual Real Women of Northwest Fishing feature! Once again, we turned the issue over to the women and girls who are quietly and very successfully joining the ranks of Washington, Oregon and Idaho fishers, making Northwest anglerdom all the stronger. And as we do each year, we share their stories and photos on our blog. Enjoy this year’s edition of Northwest Sportsman’s Real Women of Northwest Fishing! 


By Troy Rodakowski

I think the thing I love about fishing the most is the adventure with the water!” exclaims Sasha Mord.

The angler from the southern Willamette Valley enjoys chasing different species and exploring all the nuances that each adventure offers.

“When I was young, the only fishing I did was on the Long Tom River,” she recalls. “We had a pond on our property, and to keep me entertained my grandpa would give me a 5-gallon bucket and send me down to the murky water. I would sit down there and fish with whatever pole and reel we had lying around, using worms that we dug up in the yard around my grandma’s flower pots.”

It was these special times with her grandpa that Mord remembers the most. As she grew older, she fell in love with the McKenzie River and its beautiful waters.



“I spent a lot of time there, met a lot of fellow fishermen and made summer money flipping cars for local fishing guides on their trips,” says Mord.

Shortly thereafter she was fishing the Siuslaw and other local rivers for Chinook, finding that there’s always something more to learn about the fish and waters. It intrigued her and she knew at that time she wanted more.

Two years back Mord fell in love with Montana’s Clark Fork River, where her interest in fly fishing was born.

“I still don’t care if it’s fly fishing a new river, trolling for Chinook in the big water, chasing pretty chrome steelhead on the riverbank in January, going 40 miles out for tuna in the dead of summer, or taking my 8-year-old daughter out after carp in that old murky water I grew up fishing, I just want to go, “she explains.

For Sasha Mord, fishing isn’t just about the catch but about the adventure, the community, the water and the circle of life.

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