RWONWF: Avid Fisherwomen Team Up On Sturgeon

Editor’s note: This December marked our 7th Annual Real Women of Northwest Fishing feature! Once again, we turned the issue over to the women and girls who are quietly and very successfully joining the ranks of Washington, Oregon and Idaho fishers, making Northwest anglerdom all the stronger. And as we do each year, we share their stories and photos on our blog. Enjoy this year’s edition of Northwest Sportsman’s Real Women of Northwest Fishing! 


by Ashley Burows

Ashley Burows (left) and Natalie Travis, both of Tri-Cities fished the Columbia River in Richland on the second to last weekend of sturgeon season 2016.


Natalie, who fishes for sturgeon a great deal, had yet to catch a keeper for the season and this was Ashley’s first time for sturgeon.

Both avid fisherwomen, Ashley fishes frequently for bass on the Yakima River while Natalie chases the migratory species.

The day was going very well for us when Natalie’s drag started to sing, giving Ashley the opportunity to reel in a 72-incher, her first sturgeon ever!

Having three rods out we were able to play with a few shakers before having this dandy on.

“I felt bad not handing off my rod to Ashley, but knowing I felt a large keeper on the other side I chose to fight him myself,” says Natalie.

It paid off. After measuring the fish three times in the water, we finally lifted him into the boat with a final measure of just under 54 inches.

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