RWONWF: 2016 A ‘Turning Point’ For Valerie

Editor’s note: This December marked our 7th Annual Real Women of Northwest Fishing feature! Once again, we turned the issue over to the women and girls who are quietly and very successfully joining the ranks of Washington, Oregon and Idaho fishers, making Northwest anglerdom all the stronger. And as we do each year, we share their stories and photos on our blog. Enjoy this year’s edition of Northwest Sportsman’s Real Women of Northwest Fishing! 7th-annual-real-women-logo

Buoy 10 and Lower Columbia fall Chinook weren’t just fisheries for Valerie Holmberg. They were learning experiences and provided a “very real turning point,” she says.

Holmberg spent a good part of August and September on the big river catching big beautiful kings while fishing and deckhanding with ace guides.holmberg-1

“The best part about Bouy 10 for me this year was the amount of confidence I gained by watching how so many different masters created success for their clients,” says Holmberg. “I learned a great deal about targeting big fish and combat fishing in general – boat-handling skills, bait prep and running six rods at a time. I really focused on the process involved in running a sled, trolling and how fishermen work together to find fish.”



At last check she’d carded nearly 30 salmon and said she wasn’t done fishing yet. Stay tuned for more from Valerie Holmberg in the future!

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