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Black Max Bikes

9114 State Ave
Marysville, WA 98270
(360) 659-5557

Black Max Bikes offer a substantial amount of power for an affordable price when compared to a lot of other Electric Bikes. When looking at an Electric Bike it is important to know what you are really getting, and the most important things to look at besides overall design is the components inside of it.

While there are very cheap electric bikes out there, they are most likely equipped with very little amounts of power such as 250 to 500-Watt Motors and 36-Volt batteries.

All Black Max Bikes come standard with a 750-Watt Motor and a 48-Volt Battery, and our Mid Drive Denali comes equipped with a even more powerful 1000W Motor. Our goal at Black Max Bikes is to give you the best product at a great price!