Year’s First Springer Reported At Bonneville

Fish counters are reporting the first Columbia spring Chinook of the year at Bonneville.

That fish has not been tallied on the usual sites we watch, but according to a note forwarded from supervising biologist Joe Hymer from the dam count supervisor, the adult fish went over sometime last week.

“It was a white chin (like a lower river fish) and not a black chin (upriver stock) but the action is starting. The water is getting pretty cloudy and they were spilling at the project over the weekend with the power houses going full bore. It’s got some of the fish cranked up,” reads the note.


The forecast calls for 160,400 above-Bonneville spring Chinook this year, roughly four-fifths of the 10-year average.

The Columbia below I-5 is open through March 31 under permanent rules. Seasons are expected to be set Feb. 23.


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