Westport Salmon Opener Kicks Out A Few


July 1st marked the opener for Salmon in Area 2 Westport, so we ended up bringing the Lumacat down to Westport to embark on its 1st ocean trip. Westport will be her home for the summer.


After talking with all the usual guys in my network we pointed north to fish on the beach up by the casino Saturday morning. Started out fishing 3-inch Silver Horde Irish cream and cookies n cream spoons behind nuclear crush flasher on the bottom in 30 feet of water and picked up quite a few smaller undersized fish, but were able to pick out three keepers.


From there, we headed out straight from Grays Harbor in about 200 feet of water and picked up a bunch of undersized fish with 80 to 100 feet of wire with the same flasher and spoon set-up as well before we decided to call it a day and head back in.

Sunday morning, pointed the nose back north again and set up right out front of the casino in 30 feet of water and fished the same nuclear crush flasher with a small 3-inch Silver Horde Irish cream spoon. Picked up a keeper and a few undersized fish before things really slowed down.


We ended up just grinding it out in the same area and switched over to some Short Bus flashers with a 6-foot leader to a herring. With the downriggers down on the bottom we ended up finding some bait balls and worked them hard and picked up a nice grade of Chinook, with one in the low 20s.

The biggest was for Amanda Bennet and it was awesome watching her fight the fish and seeing her excitement and enthusiasm as it came aboard.



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