Washington Trout Opener Results

Here’s a roundup of reports for Saturday’s trout opener in Washington.

John Whalen (Region 1 Fish Program Manager) reported the lakes that typically perform well on the Opener across Districts 1 and 2 did so again this year. 

Top producers for fish kept per angler included:  District 1:   Mudgett Lake 4.1, Ellen 5.0, Starvation 3.7; District 2:  Williams Lake 3.9, Fish Trap 3.0, West Medical 3.1.  

The weather was significantly better this year than the 2011 opening day.  Early morning temperatures were in the low 40s, with noon time temperatures in the mid 50s with mild breezes.  Angler participation was up accordingly. 

 Anglers were happy with the larger catchable size rainbow trout 11-12”, and also with many creels sporting a good representation of fish in the 14-19” range.  

Bob Jateff (Okanogan Co. District Fish Biologist): As far as Okanogan County goes: Weather was nice today, sunny.  Overall angler effort was down a bit from previous years.  Recent heavy rains clouded the water on a number of Okanogan County lakes, which hampered fishing success a bit.

Travis Maitland (Chelan Co. and Douglas Co. District Fish Biologist): For Jameson Lake there was a lot more fishing pressure that what the data shows.  The data is for completed angler trips and at the completion of the creel survey, only a few anglers were interviewed. 

 Mark Downen (Mason Co. and Kitsap Co. District Fish Biologist): All in all a great opener.  Lots of folks noticed the larger fish.  Calm, cool, partly sunny weather overall.

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