Tru-Trip Deep Divers Eliminate ‘Diver Drag’ On Hookup


Tru-Trip Deep Divers are the hottest divers on the market today for salmon & walleye. Keeps your bait in the strike zone rattles in the big ones and releases on hook-up so you fight the fish—not the diver!

The most innovative diver in years, Tru-Trip Deep Divers feature a patented release mechanism that disengages on hook-up. This changes the angle of the diver and eliminates “diver drag” so you fight the fish and not the diver. Throw your old divers away, make room for Tru-Trip, and get ready to CATCH MORE FISH!

Tough and durable, Tru-Trip divers come in 5 sparkling colors and 40’ and 50’ models. Choose the model that’s right for the depth you’re fishing and let Tru-Trip do the rest. Once you experience the Tru-Trip difference, you’ll be hooked too!

Salmon guides can’t get enough of them, but don’t take our word for it – ask a PRO!

“The Tru-Trip Deep Diver is by far the best diver I’ve ever used. Tru-Trip pins baits to
the bottom like no other diver – even in heavy currents they’re stable and solid.
The release mechanism is a great feature for playing out big salmon or bringing
in baits in heavy current. No diver drag!”

Tru-Trip belongs in the tackle arsenal of professional guides and private fishermen alike. Thank You Big Fish Tuff for developing such a fine product.”

Laine W. Lahndt, Master Guide/Outfitter, Kasilof, AK

Whether you’re catching light biters or freight trains, Tru-Trip’s adjustable release does a number on salmon!

Tru-Trip Divers are marketed by MKS Supply and available through your distributor.

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