Togo Pack To Be Removed Due To Livestock Attacks, WDFW Director Decides

WDFW says the last two members of a Ferry County wolf pack that’s blamed for three depredations in the past month, four over 10 months and 11 since late 2017 will be removed.

“The proactive non-lethal deterrents used by the two producers in the area have not curtailed repeated depredations,” the agency stated in announcing this afternoon that Director Kelly Susewind had authorized the removals.


Following an eight-hour court challenge window on Monday, operations could begin on Tuesday.

The announcement also gives Northeast Washington ranchers and others an idea about WDFW’s plans for dealing with the pack.

One member was shot in late July after being caught in the act of attacking a calf. Afterwards were two more confirmed depredations by the pack that left one young cow dead and another injured.

Following livestock attacks last summer and then a judge’s temporary restraining order that was lifted, one Togo wolf was taken out in September.

That didn’t change the pack’s behavior as more depredations occurred but with WDFW tied up in other removal operations, a livestock producer, his family and employees were given a permit to carry out a kill order if they saw the wolves in their private pasture.

None were shot.

Today’s news comes as things appear quiet, or at least there was no news to report — with the Old Profanity Territory Pack just to the south of the Togos and in the Blue Mountains with the Grouse Flats Pack, according to WDFW spokeswoman Staci Lehman.

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