The Ol’ Coho Fumblerooski Fails For 2 Hood Canal Anglers

There’s catching a second wind in the second half, but two anglers are having second thoughts about recently trying to catch a second limit of salmon.

The duo reportedly were observed at a Hood Canal boat access stashing eight coho — the daily limit — into their rig, and then heading back out onto the water for round two.


Responding to the report, WDFW Officers Isaac Stutes and Jesse Ward watched as the two men netted and kept another pair of fish.

That was enough for the game wardens to contact the anglers, but then things got slippier than the football in last night’s turnover-ridden (but still glorious) Seahawks-49ers game.

“One of the men began fumbling around with the fish when they saw the officers,” WDFW Police stated on its Facebook page today. “The man dropped both fish in the water between the boat and the dock.”

Only problem, the water was so shallow that Ward could see both coho a mere 4 feet below the boat, according to WDFW.

At first the two men said they hadn’t caught any salmon besides the pair that were fumbled.

But given another chance to tell the truth, one responded, “You probably keep asking me because I’m such a bad liar,” according to WDFW.

They eventually allegedly admitted to all 10 salmon they caught, which were seized, and now the county prosecutor will be referred charges.

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