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ODFW, OSP Team To Remove Arrows From 2 Shady Cove Does; Search Still On For Poacher


Two deer, illegally shot with arrows in the Shady Cove area, were successfully tranquilized yesterday and the arrows removed.


ODFW wildlife biologists and Oregon State Police fish and wildlife officers worked together to track and tranquilize the deer, remove the arrows and treat the wounds. The deer, an adult doe and a yearling doe, were successfully released in good health with no visible infection.


“Pictures of these deer stuck with arrows have been circulating widely in the media and social media, and understandably, it’s upsetting to see. We are happy to say the arrows were removed and these deer have a very good chance of survival,” said Steve Niemela, Rogue District Wildlife Biologist.

Last week, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon State police began receiving calls from landowners in Shady Cove who saw these deer on their properties. Niemela said this is the second time in two years deer were illegally shot with arrows.

“This is not ethical hunting, it’s a twisted act of poaching,” said Zach Lycett, board member of the Rogue Valley Chapter of Oregon Hunter’s Association. “True ethical hunters respect the animals they hunt and are grateful for the opportunities to hunt. We do not stand for these kinds of criminal acts.”

OSP Sergeant Jim Collom said OSP is investigating and encourages anyone with information to call the TIP line at 1-800-452-7888.

The Rogue Valley OHA contributed $1,500, Ashland Archers contributed $100 and Dewclaw Archery contributed $500 to add on to the Oregon Hunter’s Association’s standard $500 reward for information leading t

Reward For Info On Shady Cove Bow Bozo Grows To $2,000

With a generous donation from the local chapter of an Oregon hunting organization, $2,000 is now on offer for info leading to the arrest of whomever flung arrows at several deer in the upper Rogue Valley.


Two and possibly three blacktails with arrows protruding from them have been spotted in the Shady Cove area over the past week.


The injuries to the deer are reported as not life threatening, according to the Oregon State Police.

Hunting season ended months and months ago.

The standing initial reward of $500 from the Turn In a Poacher program, run by the Oregon Hunters Association, was upped by the Rogue Valley Chapter, state police reported this morning.

Tipsters can call the poaching hotline (1-800-452-7888) or Oregon State Police Dispatch (541-776-6111).