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Cannon Beach Ocean Patrol Finds Big Overlimit Of Lings

Five people stopped off Oregon’s North Coast were criminally cited for going way over the limit on lingcod and rockfish as well as retaining undersized fish, and apparently it wasn’t their first time doing so.


“The boat owner said that they had done this before, and if he had seen the troopers coming from further away, he would have dumped all of the extra fish overboard,” reported state fish and wildlife troopers in their latest newsletter.

The incident occurred during a joint OSP-WDFW ocean patrol from the mouth of the Columbia River south to Cannon Beach.

Somewhere off the popular seaside destination, the crew spotted a fishing boat and decided to make contact with it.

As they approached, one occupant of the boat tossed a couple lings overboard, according to OSP, and when they came alongside troopers also saw “multiple undersized lingcod on the deck.”

The quintet claimed that those fish and some in a cooler were the only catch of the day, but a consent search turned up many more.

In the holds were 37 lings, 16 of which were under the size limit – the daily limit is two, 22 inches or better – and 22 rockfish, according to troopers.

“The anglers were found to be 27 lingcod over their daily limit and six rockfish over their limit,” OSP reports.

The five received criminal citations for exceeding daily limits on lingcod and marine fish, and retaining undersized lings. The fish were seized.

The case is similar to one reported here last year in which four individuals checked at the Hammond Marina were criminally cited for being 54 over the limit on rockfish, and one of them for keeping a too-short ling and an off-limits cabezon.

Seized fish are typically donated to local food banks.

Key Peninsula Clammers Caught With Quite A Few Over Limit

The five guys who tried to clean out a Columbia Basin trout lake before it opened have nothing on the three people caught with more than five times their limit of clams at a South Sound beach.

WDFW reports that the trio were spotted by an officer working near Penrose Point State Park, on the Key Peninsula between Gig Harbor and Olympia.

While two dug, the third shuttled loads of clams back to a vehicle, the agency states.

After the officer confronted the trio, they at first refused to turn over the clams they’d allegedly secreted away in the trunk.

But not unlike a clam shell, eventually it was pried open, and what a stash it held.

“After collecting all of the clams, the officer determined they had nearly 700 clams,” WDFW reports.

The daily limit is 40 bay clams (not counting horse or razor clams).

The agency says that the three were cited for overlimits in the first degree and failure to submit, and that all the clams were seized.

The story comes from the report Director Jim Unsworth will deliver to the Fish and Wildlife Commission at the beginning of the meetings this Friday and Saturday.

In other game warden news, it also includes details on an investigation into hydraulic permit violations at Palmer Lake, the seizure of 640 pounds of undersized Dungeness from a pair of coastal crabbing vessels — 13 percent of the landing in one case — 119 pounds of uncertified clams seized from live tanks of a Seattle grocery store (and many of which were said to be dead), boneheads mudding on state wildlife areas (and one flipping their Jeep), and the collection of 50 derelict crab pots, the majority of which were tribal by markings, in the San Juans.