Team OpporTUNAty Wins Ilwaco Leg Of Oregon Tuna Classic

by Del Stephens, Oregon Tuna Classic

The Deep Canyon Challenge, the first leg of the Garmin Oregon Tuna Classic Tournament Series, is in the books for another year and as challenging as it was going 70 miles to catch fish the event as a whole was a huge success thanks to some great sponsors and a lot of loyal participants.


The Ilwaco Tuna Club member teams took the top three positions then had a strong showing sweeping all but a few of the remaining top 10 spots.


The evening events started right out on a high when Navy Petty Officer 1st. class retired Generald Wilson sang the national anthem to a standing crowd in awe of his voice. He recently sang the anthem for Game 3 of the NBA finals and we were very fortunate to get him to come to both our events this year.


The live auction, bead games and bucket raffles generated well over $60,000 in cash and after expenses will be distributed to the local food banks.

The total amount of fish donated was 4,850 pounds of tuna. There were 52 teams registered and only 27 of them turned in fish.


The next event is quickly approaching and will happen August 24th and 25th with the season finale in Garibaldi where we will crown a series champion. The tournaments have returned to a series again and will only crown one champion this year. The final standings are listed below.

# Team Name Total
1 OpporTUNAty 139.5
2 Team Duckworth 138.65
3 Beastmode- Team Northriver 134.55
4 Fat Cat 130.1
5 Team Scarab 129.7
6 Open Wide and Swallow This 128.25
7 Team Fourtunate 127.4
8 Team Clemensea 126.9
9 Long Shot 125.65
10 GangfishKhan / Smak Plastic 123.75
11 Tuna Quest 123.65
12 Shake and Bake 122.95
13 Fast Cat 122.2
14 Aqua Dominion 121.9
15 2- Dogs 120.95
16 Reel Therapy 120.05
17 Mark Youngblood Sportfishing 118.25
18 Eat Me Lures 117.85
19 Team Fish Witch 117.7
20 Seaworthy 116.55
21 Team Fat Albacore 108.35
22 Starboard Strong 103.2
23 No Quarter Given 95.55
24 Car 54- Team Northriver 83.7
25 ILWU 79.9
26 Team All Spa 50.65
27 Mousture Missile 22.8