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4 Elk Poached, Wasted In 2 Oregon Coast Counties

Oregon wildlife troopers are asking for the public’s help to solve a trio of recent poaching cases involving four elk and a hawk.


They say that the three cows and five-point bull were found earlier this month in Tillamook and Lincoln Counties, all shot by a rifle, and they say a redtail found injured in Jackson County had been shot as well.

The cow elk were investigated Jan. 12 and were found in a clear-cut 2.5 miles up a road off Highway 6 in the Fox Creek area east of Tillamook. OSP reported that they had been killed with a high-powered rifle and left to waste, but said that evidence was gathered at the scene.

Tipsters are being asked to call OSP Dispatch (503-842-4433) and reference case number SP19-013862.

As for the bull, it was found by a landowner on Jan. 8 near Hidden Valley Road just west of Toledo.

It too was left to waste, OSP reported. Informants are being told to contact Trooper Jason Adkins (800-452-7888; 541-961-8859; TIP@state.or.us) and to reference case SP19-022825.

And the hawk was found Jan. 16 in Central Point behaving oddly and determined to have been shot. It was captured and taken to a local wildlife rehab center but died from its injury.

Anyone with info can call OSP dispatch (541-776-6111) and reference case SP19-018083.

OSP Looking For Tips In Whitetail, Elk Poaching Cases

Oregon state troopers are looking for information on whomever killed three deer and an elk in different parts of the state recently.

They say three whitetails were illegally shot in Baker County and their heads and hides were dumped northeast of Keating.

It wasn’t clear when the deer were shot or their sex, but their remains were located on Mother Lode Road.

OSP is asking anyone with info to call their dispatch center (800-442-2068) or dial *OSP and ask for Sergeant Cyr.

As for the elk, the cow was shot with a rifle and left to waste the morning of Thursday, Dec. 27, in a clearcut northwest of Roseburg by Douglas County’s Wolf Creek Ranch.


“A vehicle of interest is a compact truck occupied by two or more adult males (late teens or early 20’s) which traveled from Bullock Road to Tyee Access Road that morning,” OSP said in a press release.

Informants are asked to call (800)-442-2068) or dial *OSP and reference Senior Troopers Stone or Weaver.

Those whose tips lead to an arrest or citation stand to collect a reward or preference points.

Home Security System Helps Oregon Troopers Track Down Alleged Buck Poacher


On December 6, 2018, an Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Trooper from the Roseburg Area Command responded to the report of a poaching and trespassing incident that occurred on December 5, 2018, in the Drain area.

Investigation revealed that a large black tail buck deer was shot within feet of a residence in Drain.  The event was captured on the home security system.    With assistance from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, subjects of interest was identified.

On December 14, 2018, Troopers and Sheriff’s Deputies contacted the subjects of interest at their residence. The antlers and head for a 4X3 black tail deer were recovered  The meat that was recovered from a butcher shop will be donated to a charity.

Trent M. Tinnes (25) of Drain was lodged at the Douglas County Jail for:

  • Unlawful Take of Buck Deer: Prohibited Method ( rifle during archery season)
  • Unlawful Take of Buck Deer: Prohibited Weapon ( .17 Caliber Rifle)
  • Unlawful Take of Buck Deer: Prohibited Hours
  • Hunting While in Violation of Criminal Trespass
  • Criminal Trespass with a Firearm
  • Recklessly Endangering Another Person x 2

Travis D. Tinnes (21) of Drain was criminally cited and released for:

  • Aiding/ Counseling in a Wildlife Offense
  • Driving While Suspended Misdemeanor

Huge Oregon ‘Archery’ Buck Actually Killed With A Rifle; Shooter Sentenced

A ginormous Southern Oregon mule deer buck that a Lane County resident said he arrowed was actually killed with a rifle, according to state police who say that last month he was convicted and sentenced for the offense.


The story began in 2015 when Kevin H. Noel reported killing the eight-pointer in the Steens Mountain Unit on an archery tag during the bowhunting season.

Afterwards he took it to one of the winter sportsmen’s show to get it measured and ended up placing first in the nontypical category for the species.

The 218 5/8-inch rack also scored as the eighth biggest of all time taken in the Beaver State by a bowman.

But according to the Oregon State Police, this past spring as they investigated Noel for unspecified “other crimes” they learned that he may not have used a bow and arrow to down the trophy after all, but a rifle instead.

That violated his tag and sparked wildlife troopers to take a closer look, and they eventually seized the mount and arrested Noel.

That led to a jury trial and a guilty verdict during a trial in Lane County last month, according to OSP.

OSP reports that last week, Lane County Circuit Court Judge Debra Velure sentenced Noel to pay a $6,250 fine, gave him 15 days in jail, suspended his hunting license for three years and put him on probation for three years while also forfeiting the buck.

And according to OSP, Velure also said Noel couldn’t “participate in any hunting excursions for the next three years.”

Arrow Removed From Roseburg Deer; OSP Looking For Culprit


Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Officers are asking for the public’s assistance in locating and apprehending the person(s) responsible for shooting a female deer in the head with an arrow on July 4, or July 5, 2018.


An OSP Fish and Wildlife Officer and ODFW Wildlife Biologist responded to the 800 block of San Souci Drive west of Roseburg on July 6, 2018.

The arrow was removed and the deer returned to its small fawn nearby.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the animal was likely shot from a residence on Braunda Drive, San Souci Drive, or Bellwood Lane.

Those with information are asked to contact Sr. Trooper Stone directly at (541) 817-4472 or OSP dispatch at (541) 440-3333. Those with information can remain anonymous and a TIP reward will be offered for information leading to a citation or arrest in the case.

Linn Co. Man Arrested On Wildlife, Firearms Possession Charges


Fish and Wildlife Division troopers from the Mid-Valley Team (Salem/Albany) served search warrants on the residence of Nathan J. Rice (age 40) of Sweet Home.  Rice is a convicted felon, on post-prison supervision, and is currently serving a lifetime hunting suspension.  Troopers received information Rice was in possession of multiple firearms and wildlife parts associated with two unlawfully killed buck deer.  The search yielded eight firearms, many of which were fully loaded, and multiple sets of trophy blacktailed deer and elk antlers.  The troopers seized the firearms, antlers, and game meat.


Rice was lodged at the Linn County Jail on a parole violation detainer and issued criminal citations for Possession of Firearm by Felon (8 counts), Take/Possession Buck Deer (17 counts), Take/Possession Bull Elk (2 counts), Lend/Borrow Big Game Tag, Exceeding Bag Limit of Game Mammal, and Aiding in Wildlife Offense (2 counts).    Additional suspects and charges pending follow-up investigation.


A violation of any provision of the wildlife laws (such as the unlawful take of deer), or any rule adopted pursuant to the wildlife laws, is a Class A misdemeanor if the offense is committed with a culpable mental state in Oregon. If convicted, a person can be charged with the maximum penalty of $6250, have their hunting privileges suspended and forfeit weapons or other items used in the commission of the crime(s).

Anyone with information regarding  wildlife violations is encouraged to report the information to the Oregon State Police Turn in Poacher (TIP) hotline at 1-800-452-7888. Information can remain anonymous.

Man Caught Illegally Gillnetting Under Ferry Dock

A man caught tending an illicit gillnet at a Lower Columbia ferry pier last month was cited for that as well as fishing for salmon during a closed season.


The incident occurred on the Oregon side of the Westport-Cathlamet run, in Westport Slough, a side channel of the Columbia, and is detailed in the latest OSP Fish and Wildlife Division newsletter. 

According to the report, Astoria-based troopers got a tip that there was a gillnet stretched between pilings under the landing.

After they checked the tide tables they figured that the perpetrator would most likely pull the net around 10:30 that evening, so they set up and waited.

Sure enough, when the day’s last ferry departed at 10:15, it wasn’t long before a man pulled up in a car, took a look around, and carried a fishing rod down to the dock.

Troopers watched as he then hooked the net and yarded it up to untie from the dock.

They moved in as the man initially hid behind pilings and then claimed the net wasn’t his, that he’d seen it in the morning and had returned to remove it.

As it turns out, however, the “good samaritan” wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.

“After maintaining his story, he was confronted with the fact there was a second piece of gillnet in the back seat of his car,” troopers detail.

They say the man eventually admitted that he and another person had put the gillnet in the day before, and that he’d also been fishing there too, both of which were violations.

“The subject was cited criminally for Attempt to take fish prohibited method — gillnet and Angling for salmon during close season,” troopers report.

Great job, troopers!

Elsewhere in the monthly newsletter are reports on a bull elk illegally killed in the Wimer area, an unlawful black bear kill that led to other citations in Linn County, more gaper clam capers, and a check on Lookout Point Reservoir walleye angler catch stats.



OSP Looking For Info On 2 Lane Co. Poachings

Oregon wildlife troopers are asking for the public’s help to solve two recent Lane County poaching incidents.


They say someone illegally shot an elk near Oakridge the evening of June 2, and they found a dead buck with an arrow in it in west Eugene earlier today.

The elk was discovered after troopers and Oakridge police responded to a trespassing-in-progress call east of town and north of Highway 58.


While the suspect had fled before officers arrived, they found a dead cow elk that had been shot.

Anyone with information on that case is being asked to call Senior Trooper Marshall Maher (1-800-452-7888; 541-953-9942).

As for the other incident, troopers found the dead blacktail near Churchill High School, arrow protruding from its midsection.

They say that this is the second time something like this has happened in the area and that it could be related.

Tips can be phoned in to Trooper Wolcott at 541-868-5056.

Oregon Boaters Caught Way Overlimit On Rockfish

An extra rockfish in the cooler suggested things might be a little fishy aboard the boat coming back into the Hammond Marina one recent evening.


Oregon fish and wildlife troopers had initially contacted the four occupants as they returned from bottomfishing at the South Jetty, at the mouth of the Columbia River.

After finding that 21st fish, the officers decided a fuller search of the boat just might be in order.

In a plastic tote, they found the rest of the crew’s booty — 53 more fish, mostly black rocks but also a small lingcod and a cabezon.

Troopers report they cited and released one person criminally for overlimits of black rockfish and lingcod, unlawfully keeping an undersized ling, and closed-season harvest of cabezon.

The other three were also cited and released criminally for overlimits of rockfish.

The 54 extra fish were all donated to a food bank.

The case is reported in the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division’s latest newsletter, for April, and just posted today.

It also includes details on several Winchester Bay crab scofflaws, including one caught with 17 undersize Dungies and another with 10, and a Brookings kayak angler who’d stashed a couple extra lingcod in his gear bag.

There’s also a clam caper with Washington suspects sans licenses but with 41 gapers, a Newport-area angler who claimed to have forgotten his license at home but a record check for which found he hadn’t bothering buying one since 2013, and details on several case resolutions.

Keep up the great work, officers!

OSP Looking For Tips On Harney Co., Toledo Doe Poachings



The Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division is asking for the public’s help to identify the person(s) responsible for the unlawful taking and wasting of a doe antelope in Harney County.


On the morning of April 23rd, 2018 the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division was notified of a deceased doe antelope off of Crane-Buchanan road on county road #9. The deceased doe antelope was discovered by a local resident who noticed the antelope in a field as he was driving on county road #9. An OSP Fish & Wildlife Trooper responded to the scene and discovered the doe antelope appeared to have been shot with a high powered rifle sometime early that morning. The doe antelope did not have any meat removed and was left to waste.

If you have any information regarding this incident please contact F&W Trooper Dean Trent through the Turn In Poachers (TIP) hotline at 1-800-452-7888 or 541-589-2547


On May 25, 2018, Newport Fish and Wildlife Troopers were called to an area outside of Toledo to investigate a poached deer.  Investigation has shown the deer was shot in the head with a small caliber rifle.  The remains of the deer were located on Sunnyridge Road near the 1000 line road.

A reward of up to $500 is offered for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or and arrest made in this case.  The reward is comprised of $500 from the Oregon Hunting Association Turn-In-poachers (TIP) program.

The Oregon Hunters Association offers rewards to persons, through their T.I.P. fund, for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or an arrest made of a person(s) for illegal possession, killing, or taking of bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, elk, deer, antelope, bear, cougar, wolf, furbearers and/or upland game birds and water fowl. T.I.P. rewards can also be paid for the illegal taking, netting, snagging, and/or dynamiting of game fish, and/or shell fish, and for the destruction of habitat.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact OSP Trooper Jason Adkins through the Turn in Poachers (TIP) hotline at 1-800-452-7888