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Forks Float Follies: WDFW River Patrol Turns Up Violations, Amusing And Otherwise

When her husband was recently caught fishing illegally, a Forks-area woman took it as an unexpected shopping opportunity and urged game wardens to throw the book at him.

Details come from the WDFW Director’s Report to the Fish and Wildlife Commission, out ahead of this week’s meetings.

According to it, Sgt. Kit Rosenberger and Fish and Wildlife Officer Bryan Davidson were on a float patrol down the Sol Duc when they spotted three lines in the river in front of a riverside house.

Inspecting the business end of the lines, the officers found the fishing gear to be rigged with something a bit more lethal than the allowed single barbless hook as well.

WDFW reports that when the man came out of his garage, he allegedly admitted to being in the wrong and fishing with more than one rod.

Somewhere around here, his wife’s ears perked up.

She “told the officers to write her husband for everything they had, because he made a deal with her that if he got a ticket she could spend the same amount of money on something nice for herself,” according to WDFW.

Here’s hoping the violations aren’t dismissed or reduced by Clallam County District Court!

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only violation that Rosenberger and Davidson found on their float.

A ways down the Duc they spotted a man who hastily cranked in his line, hid his gear in a tree and then tried to claim he hadn’t been fishing.

That was never going to fly with the watchful wardens, and the man did allegedly confess, “telling the officers that he had decided to never buy a fishing license again and that he would just take what was coming to him,” WDFW reports.

That turned out to be citations for fishing without a license as well as fishing with unlawful tackle.

No word if his significant other also won a shopping spree, but those who vow to do similar for various grievances should be on notice.

But Rosenberger’s and Davidson’s day wasn’t done.

Down on the Quillayute they came across two guys and a gal with five rods out, which by our calculations is two too many fish sticks.

Not only that but as officers interviewed the father, son and the father’s girlfriend, they found all sorts of further fun.

The son was allegedly fishing without a license, and when Rosenberger and Davidson interviewed the father and woman, the son took it as an opportunity to run away.

As the officers poked around the trio’s camp, they then found two dead wild steelhead, which are illegal to retain, as well as an undersized cutthroat.

According to WDFW, the father and girlfriend would not admit to possessing let alone catching any steelhead.

They might have been able to make a better argument if there wasn’t also “a large amount of fish blood on [the father’s] pants.”

The guy tried to claim it was from a hand wound, but when the sergeant reminded him about DNA testing, he allegedly finally admitted he’d caught one of the wild steelhead and his son had caught the other.

And just to make it three for three, WDFW reports, “All five rods being fished were equipped with unlawful fishing gear.”

They were seized, tickets were written, no shopping sprees were awarded.