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What Have They Got In Their Nasty Little Pocketses? Overlimits Of Clams, It Turns Out

A South Sound beach was hit hard by clam poachers in recent weeks, including one woman who allegedly stuffed three times the legal limts of clams into her coat pockets.

Game wardens detail three different instances of greedy shellfishers hitting Penrose Point State Park, on the south side of the Kitsap Peninsula.


According to an account posted on Facebook this morning, Fish and Wildlife Officer Jeff Summit and a student officer first observed a woman placing a “large bucket” worth of clams in the trunk, then heading back to the beach apparently for more.

They contacted her and found she’d allegedly collected “four extra limits” above the daily limit of 40 clams. She was also cited for avoiding field inspection.

During checks of the same area a few days afterwards, a woman and another individual were spotted putting clams into small bags then jamming them into pockets.

When a warden went to check on them, the woman “was very surprised to encounter an officer, and tried to do anything she could to get rid of her coat.”

Might have been easier if it wasn’t so loaded down with bivalves — she allegedly was concealing 125 clams in its pockets

All totaled, 170 clams had been taken the duo, according to WDFW.

Meanwhile, as officers were dealing with “Mrs. Coat Pockets,” two more parties on the beach saw the officers and began “scattering like quail.”

As you can imagine, they also had a few more clams than legal.

A dumped bucket of nearly 300 hard-shells was recovered high up on the beach, with more over-limits discovered hidden in coat pockets,” WDFW reports.

Commenters on Facebook praised officers’ work and expressed puzzlement about how people could be so greedy.

Key Peninsula Clammers Caught With Quite A Few Over Limit

The five guys who tried to clean out a Columbia Basin trout lake before it opened have nothing on the three people caught with more than five times their limit of clams at a South Sound beach.

WDFW reports that the trio were spotted by an officer working near Penrose Point State Park, on the Key Peninsula between Gig Harbor and Olympia.

While two dug, the third shuttled loads of clams back to a vehicle, the agency states.

After the officer confronted the trio, they at first refused to turn over the clams they’d allegedly secreted away in the trunk.

But not unlike a clam shell, eventually it was pried open, and what a stash it held.

“After collecting all of the clams, the officer determined they had nearly 700 clams,” WDFW reports.

The daily limit is 40 bay clams (not counting horse or razor clams).

The agency says that the three were cited for overlimits in the first degree and failure to submit, and that all the clams were seized.

The story comes from the report Director Jim Unsworth will deliver to the Fish and Wildlife Commission at the beginning of the meetings this Friday and Saturday.

In other game warden news, it also includes details on an investigation into hydraulic permit violations at Palmer Lake, the seizure of 640 pounds of undersized Dungeness from a pair of coastal crabbing vessels — 13 percent of the landing in one case — 119 pounds of uncertified clams seized from live tanks of a Seattle grocery store (and many of which were said to be dead), boneheads mudding on state wildlife areas (and one flipping their Jeep), and the collection of 50 derelict crab pots, the majority of which were tribal by markings, in the San Juans.