SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (7-24-19)



Columbia River mainstem

During Saturday’s flight, 128 salmonid boats and 268 Washington bank anglers were counted from Cathlamet upstream to Bonneville Dam.



Columbia River Tributaries 

Elochoman River– 4 bank anglers released 1 steelhead.

Cowlitz River – I-5 Br downstream – 5 bank rods had no catch.

Above the I-5 Br – 55 bank rods kept 16 steelhead and released 8 Chinook jacks.  45 boats/133 rods kept 73 steelhead and released 1 steelhead, 1 Chinook and 1 Chinook jack.

Tacoma Power employees recovered 227 summer-run steelhead adults, 36 spring Chinook adults, three spring Chinook jacks, and 86 spring Chinook mini-jacks during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

During the past week Tacoma Power employees released four spring Chinook adults into the Cispus River located near Randle and they released six spring Chinook adults and one spring Chinook mini-jack at the Franklin Bridge release site in Packwood.

To date, Tacoma Power employees have recycled 319 summer-run steelhead to the lower Cowlitz River.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 2,440 cubic feet per second on Monday, July 22. Water visibility is 13 feet and the water temperature is 51.8 F.

Kalama River – 7 bank anglers had no catch.

Lewis River – 8 bank anglers released 1 steelhead.  5 boats/9 rods released 3 steelhead.

Drano Lake – 2 bank anglers had no catch.  15 boats/23 rods kept 4 steelhead and released 21 steelhead.

Klickitat below Fisher Hill Bridge – 2 bank anglers had no catch.

Klickitat above #5 Fishway – 2 bank anglers had no catch.

Pikeminnow Sport – Reward Fishery Program:

The program operates from May 1 to September 30 in the lower Columbia River (mouth to Priest Rapids Dam) and the Snake River (mouth to Hells Canyon Dam).  http://www.pikeminnow.org/

Lower Columbia Mainstem Sport July 15-21, 2019

Salmon and steelhead:

Bonneville bank: 15 anglers with 1 adult Chinook and 7 steelhead released
Camas/Washougal bank: No report
I-5 area bank: 13 anglers with nothing
Vancouver bank: 33 anglers with 1 steelhead kept and 4 released
Woodland bank: 58 anglers with 2 steelhead released
Kalama bank: 42 anglers with 1 steelhead kept and 11 steelhead released
Cowlitz bank: No report
Longview bank: 201 anglers with 16 steelhead kept and 7 released
Cathlamet bank: 39 anglers with 2 steelhead released
Private boats/bank: 5 anglers with nothing

Bonneville boat: No report
Camas/Washougal boat: 5 anglers with nothing
I-5 area boat: 2 anglers with nothing
Vancouver boat: 6 anglers with 1 steelhead released
Woodland boat: 2 anglers with nothing
Kalama boat: 17 anglers with 1 steelhead released
Cowlitz boat: No report
Longview boat: 64 anglers with 11 steelhead kept and 14 steelhead released
Cathlamet boat: 21 anglers with 4 steelhead kept and 1 adult Chinook and 5 steelhead released
Private boats/bank: 7 anglers with 2 steelhead kept and 1 steelhead and 1 sockeye released


No report


Kalama boat: 3 anglers released 5 sublegals


No report

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