Shot Fired As WDFW Officers Serve Warrant In Ferry Co.

Updated 5:40 p.m., Friday, June 7, 2019

A standoff appears to have ended in Ferry County where WDFW is now reporting “officers have confirmed one deceased individual in the barricaded residence” where one shot was fired this morning as game wardens served a warrant for alleged illegal wildlife trafficking and hunting violations.


That occurred at 10 a.m. and one of two residents left the abode afterwards, but the second did not.

Afterwards the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office flew its SWAT team to the site.

Very little information was initially available on the situation, likely because it was active but also due to the remote location described as near Republic, the county seat.

“Part of the issue is it’s so far out there reception is bad, so we’re not getting a lot of info,” said WDFW spokeswoman Staci Lehman in Spokane.

She reported that a chaplain for her agency and the state patrol, as well as the Ferry County coroner were onsite.

Lehman also thanked the Spokane and Ferry Counties Sheriff’s Offices for assistance.

More details as they emerge.

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