Rig Of The Month: Estuary Sturg ’n ’Nook Quick-change Set-up


Getting a chance to pull off a successful combo fishing trip is very satisfying, but it usually involves such long days and so much gear that it feels daunting to even attempt. This rig simplifies things.

With the rise of a new summer Chinook fishery in the Columbia River estuary just above the AstoriaMegler Bridge, many anglers will be making the trip here this season. But with salmon fishing so concentrated towards the last part of the incoming tide, it will leave many wanting more. Enter the very healthy population of hungry sturgeon roaming these waters this time of year. Retention is closed, but there’s nothing more exhilarating than hooking into multiple fish that will put you and your gear to the test.

No special tackle is needed for sturgeon – your salmon rod and reel will work just fine. And it just so happens that those fresh anchovies you bought for Chinook are a favorite of estuary sturgeon. Check the tides and target diamondsides from low slack and halfway
through the incoming before pulling anchor and making a run to the Washington side above the bridge to fish salmon for the last half of the incoming through high tide. – Andy Schneider

(Andy Schneider)
(Andy Schneider)

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