Predator Management Getting Air Time On Metro TV Stations

Portland and Seattle TV news viewers watched how state wildlife managers are dealing with predators — sea lions on the Willamette and wolves in the Teanaway.

The reports aired on KATU and KING5 this week.

The pinnipeds are ganging up on spring Chinook at the falls, and anglers aren’t too happy watching the tasty hatchery salmon they hook instead turn into crab bait before they can reel ’em in.

KATU’s piece details the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s nonlethal hazing program.

“Managing these fish runs is very, very complex,” fishery biologist Tom Murtagh told the station. “There are serious predation problems. It’s a huge juggling act.”

Their efforts have been able to move the sea lions away from the falls, but with the salmon run spiking, at the moment, all their shots are doing is bouncing the predators from one side of the river to the other.

For the story, see this link.

It’s a somewhat different story in Central Washington’s Teanaway where wildlife managers want predators to prey on species that sportsmen like.

Gary Chittim’s story shows WDFW carnivore biologist Anthony Novack and Conservation Northwest’s Jay Kehne stringing turbo fladry yesterday around an “acclimation” pasture where cow-calf pairs will be grazing for several weeks.

The idea is that the electrified fencing, for whatever reason, is effective for awhile at keeping wolves out of stock. It also makes it more likely the pack will key on game herds for sustenance.

Kehne, who is also a Washington Fish & Wildlife Commissioner though was not acting in that roll yesterday, said that WDFW now has GPS collars on three members of the Teanaway Pack, including the alpha male, captured earlier this week. It means that a range rider hired to watch over the cattle once they’re turned onto a large wooded grazing allotment will have a lot of telemetry data to keep the cows safe.

As for the local deer and elk …

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