OSP Looking For Info On 2 Lane Co. Poachings

Oregon wildlife troopers are asking for the public’s help to solve two recent Lane County poaching incidents.


They say someone illegally shot an elk near Oakridge the evening of June 2, and they found a dead buck with an arrow in it in west Eugene earlier today.

The elk was discovered after troopers and Oakridge police responded to a trespassing-in-progress call east of town and north of Highway 58.


While the suspect had fled before officers arrived, they found a dead cow elk that had been shot.

Anyone with information on that case is being asked to call Senior Trooper Marshall Maher (1-800-452-7888; 541-953-9942).

As for the other incident, troopers found the dead blacktail near Churchill High School, arrow protruding from its midsection.

They say that this is the second time something like this has happened in the area and that it could be related.

Tips can be phoned in to Trooper Wolcott at 541-868-5056.

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