OSP Looking For Info On Dirtball(s) Who Killed 3 Bald Eagles Near Albany


On March 16, 2018 an Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Trooper responded to a complaint of three deceased bald eagles in the area of Tangent, Oregon just south of Albany.


A trooper responded and identified gunshot wounds on each eagle. The eagles were taken to a Veterinarian at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for examination. Evidence of dense metal was identified through X-Rays in each of the eagles.

No suspects have been identified in the case. The eagles were most likely killed shortly before March 16, 2018.

Anyone with information regarding this case can contact Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Jim Andrews through the TIP Hotline at 1-800-452-7888 or TIP E-Mail TIP@state.or.us.  TIPS can remain anonymous.

13 thoughts on “OSP Looking For Info On Dirtball(s) Who Killed 3 Bald Eagles Near Albany”

  1. Offer a reward and get those scum bags for this . They are so beautiful this really makes me mad this was done for the sport of it. I’ll be praying for you to catch them . If you setup a fund raiser for people to donate so you can give a reward you would get these jerks . Good luck and God bless .

  2. sickening for such a beautiful bird of prey and which represents our nation to be killed. May those who killed these beautiful birds receive the max on sentencing when caught, permanent loss of hunting license and 10 years of service to community without pay. This is just so unreal that someone would kill one of these birds.

  3. I hope u catch who ever did this and and don’t give just a slap on hand and say don’t do again you Sock to them .Teach them a lesson cause u no copy cats out there u no who ever did this if they get away then other will they they would to go get Boys be safe god bless.

  4. Whom ever did this to these beautiful majestic birds should be jailed for life . These are our National Bird…The American Eagle…….and .is a show of disregard for life and disrespect for all our country stands for….and the laws protecting there creatures.

  5. Bastards, Karma – whoever did this to these beautiful birds will suffer 10x , – guaranteed….. So, If you did slaughtered these birds, know this, – for the rest of your life you will have suffering and pain. Any bad thing that happens to you – Karma…You will be caught, but if not, your life is shit.

  6. Isn’t it illegal to kill Bald Eagles? Aren’t they an endangered species?

    I agree with offering a reward and see if someone comes forward. The killers are bound to brag to someone about it. Hopefully, it will be heard by someone who is as disturbed about the slaughter, of our Nation’s birds, as I am. Furthermore, the Bald Eagle is the bird the Native Americans believe takes your prayers to Our Creator on their wings. It happens to be my Spirit Animal. If they aren’t apprehended, they will still be taken to task for what they have done. Our Creator knows who they are.

  7. another concern about the killers would be:….what would they do to a human??…..only low-life-moron-creeps would perpetrate such a henious disregard for life of any kind.

  8. What kind of hunan being can be so cruel??? The kind that has a sick mind and needs to be put away forever!!!! You will pay for what you have done!!!!!

  9. These Bald Eagle’s are s symbol of the United States of America. However, do know that before then, These Eagle’s are very scared to us Native Americans and has been for hundreds of years. You are a disgrace to all people and this Nation of America. We do pray for these Eagle’s Spirits to fly in the heavens for a free and safe forever now.

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