Oregon Guide Banned From Running Fishing Trips For 9 Months


The Oregon State Police (OSP) concluded an investigation into an Oregon City fishing guide found to be committing fishing violations while acting as a guide. In October of 2015 the OSP learned of a fishing trip where the clients had not only kept a foul-hooked salmon, but continued to angle once retaining their individual limit, and failed to validate their catch. A subsequent investigation revealed the guide, Wayne Priddy, 59, had aided his customers into violating wildlife laws while he was employed to guide them on Tillamook Bay. PRIDDY was later taken into custody and lodged at the Tillamook County Jail. He was charged with: 

* Four (4) Misdemeanor Counts of Aiding in a Wildlife Offense

* Two (2) Misdemeanor Counts of Failure to Record/Validate Salmon

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On April 4, 2016, PRIDDY pled guilty in Tillamook County Circuit Court to one (1) count of Aiding in a Wildlife Offense. He was sentenced to;

* 36 month probation

* $250.00 in fines

* Forfeit all property to OSP

* Ten (10) days in jail minus time served

* Cannot angle or assist anyone in angling until January 10, 2017

* Cannot possess any angling equipment outside his residence until January 10, 2017.

The Oregon State Police works closely with the Oregon State Marine Board to ensure guides and outfitters follow all laws related to the commercialization of wildlife. All wildlife violations, including those of the outfitter and guide laws, can be reported to the Oregon State Police Turn in Poacher (TIP) hotline at 1-800-452-7888.

One thought on “Oregon Guide Banned From Running Fishing Trips For 9 Months”

  1. As in most cases you did not do your home work you need to get the facts instead you drag someone thru the mud that you make.

    I will say he did party fish but what guide does not do this

    Now I ask you this what items were taken buy the state police

    And the 2 state cops proved how dumb they are by not tagging their fish show me where it says its the guides responsibility to make sure they tag there fish and before you say anything I suggest you read your Oregon fishing license

    It seem like when the crooked town of Tillamook wants to make an example out of you they will break the law make up new ones as they go and ruin someone’s life

    I have ZERO respect for the state cops and Tillamook County after this

    Lets See If You Have The Testicular fortitude To challenge me on this


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