Oregon Commission To Again Take Up Columbia Reforms

Oregon’s Fish and Wildlife Commission will once again take up Columbia River salmon reforms ahead of an April 3 deadline to revise them from Governor Kate Brown.

That will occur either at the citizen oversight panel’s regularly scheduled March 17 meeting, or a special meeting afterwards.

An ODFW spokesman said that the commission did not make any statements about the letter from Brown members received yesterday or at today’s meeting in Tigard, but would take up rulemaking by early April.

Brown termed the commission’s mid-January move that threw nearly a century of concurrent comanagement of the Columbia into question “not acceptable.”

A Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman said that Director Jim Unsworth today told his commissioners that WDFW staff would meet with Oregon counterparts next week to talk about Brown’s letter and the implications for Columbia River policies.

“We’ll certainly listen to how the Oregon commission is going to respond to the governor’s direction,” Unsworth said.

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