Optimum Baits, Lucky Craft Roll Out Mad Scientist Series Of Baits

Take a radically effective soft swimbait produced by one of the West Coast’s pioneering plastic-bait manufacturers and combine it with a hard bait from a similarly notable  factory and what do you get?

The Mad Scientist Series from Optimum Baits and Lucky Craft, that’s what.

The Opti Shad and Victory Tail combine the unmistakable tail kick and shimmy of Optimum’s Double Diamond Series swimbaits, and the subtle body roll and incredibly fine scale and facial details of Lucky Craft’s Wander jigging-minnow baits. The result is a pair of soft baits that almost perfectly mimic baitfish ranging from minnows to shad to creek chub to panfish to bass fry in freshwater, and herring to anchovy to sardines in saltwater.


Opti Shad: Available in 2- and 4-inch models, the Opti Shad features an innovative expansion (a bulge, in other words) in the deepest part of the bait – the middle – that creates a hydrodynamic flow past the tapered back to the tail which results in an incredibly lifelike kicking motion. This body design allows for varying retrieval speeds, and a dead-on imitation of the movement of distressed baitfish.


Victory Tail: Slimmer than the Opti Shad with an elongated minnow body and forked-tail design, the 3- to 5-inch Victory Tail produces a more subtle “slither” but similar lifelike hydrodynamic coordination between the body and tail.

Visit www.optimumbaits.com for more information.

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