Northwest Hookers Wanted

All right all you hookers, show ’em what you’ve got.

Err, make that, caught.

The folks who make the TV shows Top Shot and Dirty Jobs are scouring the nation for the “best and boldest fishermen” to take part in a new competition series called Top Hooker.

And as we all know, that means Northwest sportsmen will make up part of, if not the entire cast.

The deal is, the Animal Planet is looking for outgoing, adaptable sport and commercial fishermen to compete for the title of Top Hooker (somewhere PETA reps are gnashing their toofers) in a series that will feature fishing on the country’s lakes, rivers and oceans.

You’ve got through Aug. 28 to apply (legal US residents age 21 and over only).

Email your name, phone number, location, a recent photo, and a brief explanation of why you’re the fish pimp of fish pimps to


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One thought on “Northwest Hookers Wanted”

  1. I am 40 years young , I am the father of five children . My wife was my high school sweetheart . We fish and hunt as family recreation . I am a professional fishing guide in Washington state . I specialize in salmon , sturgeon , steelhead , & trout. I am also proficient at angling for bass , walleye & perch in lakes as well as saltwater species like halibut , rockfish , lingcod , sole , flounder, sharks,serf perch etc…
    I own 5 different boats and am a proficient captain . I have a lake boat , a guide model drift boat for upper rivers , a cool green flamed one off custom jet boat for larger rivers, open bay boat with a prop , and a larger Chris Craft scorpion sport fisher cuddycabin walk around for the bigger water like the sound and offshore.
    I own so much specialty tackle I built a bigger shop to keep it all organized and accessible for gear changes as the season and fisheries change. I would like to think I’m one of the best hookers in Washington and would love to show anybody interested in fishing how it’s done !

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