Wallowa Co. Rancher Shoots Wolf That Chased Cattle

Another wolf has been shot in Oregon after it was caught harassing livestock.

The latest incident occurred last Sunday, June 25, in Wallowa County when a rancher saw the wolf chasing cattle.


After consulting a county commissioner who’s been deeply involved in Oregon’s wolf world, the unnamed producer shot and hit the animal, according to the Wallowa Chieftain.

No identifying or locational information was offered in the story, but the newspaper reports that the commissioner and county sheriff went to the scene and that “further investigation indicated the rancher acted within his legal rights.”

“This is just to show you can do this and have anonymity,” Sheriff Fred Steen told the Chieftain. “It’s absolutely legal to do such and we’ve always believed it’s the rancher’s right to protect his livestock as private property. People need to know this is an option.”

In May 2016, a shepherd shot and killed one of four wolves that attacked his flock grazing in the South Fork Walla Walla River country of northern Umatilla County, a first under Oregon’s caught-in-the-act provisions.

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One thought on “Wallowa Co. Rancher Shoots Wolf That Chased Cattle”

  1. To bad the rancher doesn’t know about modern methods of ranching. Dogs, outriders hazing, electric fencing to name a few would have made his life easier. Oh no, he has to go out and kill just like the old west. I can only hope these so called ranchers aren’t long for extinction themselves.

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