No, It’s Not Now Legal For Just Anyone To Kill Sea Lions, Even With A Permit

Hold your fire!

A CNN story out yesterday that suggests anyone who wants to lethally remove sea lions in the Northwest just needs to get a permit and kill the pinnipeds in a humane manner is not really accurate.


The lede of a story on the website of the cable news network whose hashtag is #FactsFirst states:

“Animal control in the western United States just got more extreme. A new law allows people to kill sea lions that have been devouring the region’s endangered salmon and steelhead — as long as they first get a permit.”

When this reporter inquired of a federal official this morning where and when I could get pick up said permit, I am pretty sure I could hear them slap their forehead via email.

The real story is that a bill passed last month in Congress and signed into law by the president authorized the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington along with a handful of tribes to take out up to 920 California sea lions and 249 Steller sea lions in certain parts of the Columbia River annually through an amendment to the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

ODFW got on Twitter to correct CNN:

And it sounds like CNN will now do a correction.


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