News-alanche! Elk Hoof, LWCF, Free Fishing, Clamming, Oly Bills, SW WA Angling Report

Well, after shoveling mountains of snow and trying to stay sane during yet another @#$%@$#%^ no-school day over these past 6,000 straight hours of Snowmapocalypse 2019, I’m so behind on fish-hunt news that it’s hopeless to try to catch up at this point, plus there’s that little magazine we do to attend to.


So with apologies to those who expect better of the Olympia Outsider™, Dr. Wolfy von Wolferstein IIIIX and the rest of the reporting crew here at (me, myself and I), here are links to major events to be aware of:

* Idaho Fish and Game says a hunter shot an elk with treponeme-associated hoof disease near White Bird last fall. It’s the first known case in the state and first outside the western half of Washington and Northwest Oregon.

  • The U.S. Senate voted to permanently reauthorize the important Land and Water Conservation Fund, as well as create a special steelhead management area in the upper North Umpqua, withdraw the Methow Valley from mining and some other matters in a 92-8 vote on the Natural Resources Management Act. To go into law, the House must also pass S.47 and President Trump must sign it. Numerous fishing, hunting and other groups were very, very excited to see it progress through Congress.

* It’s Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon this Saturday and Sunday.

* Juvenile sturgeon numbers were down in the Columbia last year.

* Longtime fishing writer John Beath is fired up about Washington salmon issues, stating “a Chinook, is a Chinook is a Chinook” in a blog he sent to me from snowy Sequim, showing it’s possible to deal with all that white stuff and still formulate cogent thoughts (sorry, my brain is done, got a “Catchy Song” stuck in it). Since I hit post, a retired longtime WDFW fisheries manager sent Beath a response.

* Oregon wolf managers have pushed back adoption of the updated management plan from March till some time in the future to gather more comment, while Washington’s are holding a conference call this morning with the Wolf Advisory Group.

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* A bill in Olympia allowing counties to vacate a road next to waterways is drawing concern from recreationalists. SB 5613 nominally affects a road next to a farm and railroad bridge on the Lewis River but there is worry that it could have implications far beyond Clark County.

* And finally, here’s Bryant Spellman’s WDFW fishing report for Lower Columbia tribs:


Notice of Columbia River Compact/Joint State Hearing:  ODFW & WDFW have scheduled a hearing for Wednesday February 20, 2019 to consider spring Chinook recreational fisheries.

Fishery Reports:


Mainstem Lower Columbia River

  • No report.


Columbia River Tributaries

Grays River – 6 bank anglers had no catch.

Elochoman River – 8 bank anglers had no catch.  1 boat/2 rods had no catch.

Abernathy Creek – 1 bank angler had no catch.

Germany Creek – 4 bank anglers released 1 steelhead.

Cowlitz River – I-5 Br downstream: 37 bank rods released 1 steelhead.

Above the I-5 Br:  10 bank rods kept 1 steelhead.  9 boats/26 rods kept 14 steelhead and released 1 steelhead.

Last week, Tacoma Power employees recovered four winter-run steelhead adults during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

All the fish collected last week were held at the hatchery for broodstock needs.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 4,920 cubic feet per second on Monday, Feb. 4. Water visibility is 11 feet and the water temperature is 43.2 degrees F. River flows could change at any time so boaters and anglers should remain alert for this possibility.

East Fork Lewis River – 14 bank anglers released 1 steelhead.  1 boat/2 rods had no catch.

Salmon Creek – 21 bank anglers had no catch.


  • Tributaries not listed: Creel checks not conducted.



Bonneville Pool- 6 bank anglers released 2 sublegal sturgeon.

The Dalles Pool– Closed for retention.  No report.

John Day Pool– 1 boat/1 rod had no catch.


Bonneville Pool- No report.

The Dalles Pool– No report.

      John Day Pool– No report.

Trout Plants and stocking schedules:

Lake/Pond Date Species  Number Fish per
Hatchery  Notes
Clark County – Region 5
Feb 04, 2019 Rainbow 2,500 2.1 VANCOUVER HATCHERY
Clark County – Region 5
Feb 04, 2019 Rainbow 2,500 2.1 VANCOUVER HATCHERY

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