New Bait In Ima Lures’ Flit Family Floats Higher, Deadly Around Grass


Ima Lures introduced the Flit 120 jerkbait in 2007 to rave reviews from members of the fishing industry, tour-level pros and weekend anglers alike. Two years later, the company brought the Flit 100 to market, for times when the bass “want a snack, not a meal.” Now Ima adds a third member to the series, the Bone Flit 120 Floating, with the same profile as the original, but made of a different plastic that keeps it higher in the water column.

“The floating Flit was introduced in Japan last year to take advantage of Lake Biwa’s bluegill pattern,” said Matt Paino, VP Sales of Ima Lures. “This lure is deadly around shallow grassy areas and the brightly-colored lips make for some incredibly brutal visual strikes.”

South Carolina pro Michael Murphy, a jerkbait expert and one of driving forces behind the earlier iterations of the Flit, raved about the characteristics that distinguish this new family member: “The plastic has a different density and that’s what really sets it apart,” he said. “You can fish it with a variety of retrieves, but it really excels when you wake it. People tend to fish too fish when they wake a bait but with this one it’s easy to get the cadence exactly right. During the pre-spawn or spawn, it’s like nails on a chalkboard for big female bass.”

Ohio pro Bill Lowen used the Floating Flit successfully in two early season Elite Series events in Florida, but said it’ll also be deadly on smallmouths in clear waters from east to west, and most certainly in the Great Lakes. “I’d say it’s the best floating jerkbait I’ve ever tied on a rod,” he stated. “It’s very buoyant, but it’s also wild and erratic, like the original Flit, which is something you don’t see in other floating jerkbaits.”

“The strikes you get on this lure are really explosive, like what you’d get on a frog,” Murphy added. “And because the bills are painted in bright colors, like many Japanese lures, that’s a good strike indicator.”

The floating Flit is available in four colors: Flash Bluegill Bone, Natural Bass Bone, Flash Bass Bone and Chartreuse Shad Bone. It will retail for $17.99.

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